How Can You Measure ROI from SEO Campaigns?

As a search engine optimizer, you put a lot of effort into optimization. There are so many top classes SEO available in the market, like New York SEO. It is necessary to monitor your success. You must have to know whether your time, money, and efforts are not going in vain.

I have brought something for you today. This article is all about how you will measure the return on investment or ROI of your SEO campaigns. To measure the ROI, you have to utilize the information aggregated from Google Analytics to pull out the data and analyze patterns in traffic, increases in links, and finally, your revenue.

So, I have mentioned some easy-to-perform but effective methods for you. Let’s check.

  1. Increased number of non-branded organic traffic

When you see there is anincrease in the number of audience and traffic to your website, you can consider it as a good sign. This denotes that your company is reaching to the searchers by its keywords. You can go through the keyword analysis and organic reports.

  1. Set up conversion tracking

 It is animportant step to determine your ROI from SEO. This process helps you to track all the conversions on your site, which earns revenue. The setup you use will differ on whether you make sales directly on your site or not. As an example, E-commerce stores can use e-commerce tracking to pull data from their online transactions and measure online revenue. If you tracked the conversion data for a month, you would get enough data to measure your SEO progress.

  1. High-quality traffic

 Traffic in high numbers is essential to the growth of the company. But this traffic must be relevant to your company as lots of unqualified traffic to your website is useless. This happenswhena professional practices black hat SEO strategies. Measuring the quality of traffic by bounce rate, time on site, and pages per visit, all are the indicators of the engagement of a visitor with a website. If you see the bounce rate is increasing or the time on the site and pages per visit is falling, you can easily understand that this is time to evaluate the sources of traffic.

  1. Use Google analytic reports

 You can reference some Google analytics reports to measure your ROI from SEO. Assisting the interaction analysis model decides the fact that from where the customers have come. Sometime a user may discover your site in search engine result and spend some time and leaves without purchasing anything. Later they could return typing your URL into the browser, coming directly to your site, and makes a purchase. You can all these data accurately by this analytics system. The reports made by this model are closely related to your SEO. You will get some ideas from the report made by these.


The methods I have mentioned here are the simplest method to determine your SEO. Considering the importance of measuring SEO, you should try out these methods.

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