How Can I Make My Friend’s 30th Birthday Fun?

The movie “13 Going on 30” premiered in 2004, and it felt as though 30 was just a distant age in the future. Now, as time has flown by … you’re an adult.

Like, a real adult. You pay taxes and everything. The fear of growing older is such a tired concept; aren’t we done being obsessed with age?

There is nothing wrong with aging, and to prove this fact, you’re going to throw the most extravagant 30th birthday party for your best friend! They’ve maybe begged you not to, citing 30 as just another birthday down the endless pit of birthdays.

However, you’re not going to accept this fate for birthdays. Maybe last year was the lamest party anyone ever had to endure, but not this time. For the first time, you get to plan your best bud’s big day. And it is going to be absolutely insane (in a good way, we promise).

It’s all about the party favors.

Creating the perfect party starts with having the ultimate decorations, and luckily for you, your bestie is a Sagitarrius, meaning their birthday is right around Black Friday!

This means black Friday shopping has a dual purpose as you stack up on the goodies for the party and for your family holiday Secret Santa exchange.

No need to find yourself in a Black Friday brawl, as the perfect gift at the lowest price can be found online, keeping your holiday shopping season as sweet as pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.

Start with an exciting and enticing invitation. Don’t just text everyone, “Hey, party at my place tomorrow!” Create an invitation that shows people why your party is the one to attend. Plus, invitations can make you feel like you’re living in “Bridgerton” time! Throw up streamers, order a decadent custom cake, and you cannot forget a major sound system!

Lately, everyone either knows a DJ or is a DJ, but if none of your friends know how to spin any decks, here are the 100 best songs to get people up and dancing at your party.

Let’s bring in some green party favors … if you know what I mean.

If Black Friday shopping gets you all riled up, let’s take it easy, shall we? Hopefully, you live in a state that’s successfully legalized cannabis products; we don’t want the authorities shutting down your rager, no need for any arrests.

You and your friends might find great joy in lighting up to mellow out, and your local dispensary offers the most innovative pre rolls packaging you’ve ever seen. It may seem like such a simple thing that is used in our everyday lives, but plastic is taking quite the toll on our planet.

The freshness of our cannabis is essential, but the sustainability of our planet should be a priority as well. Cannabis packaging waste is skyrocketing as more and more people learn the positive effects that cannabis can have on the quality of life, and it’s important that the packaging stays child-resistant and retains moisture to secure a high-quality product.

The best part of throwing a party is the actual party itself, but you can enjoy the preparation, too! Snagging deals on the busiest shopping day of the year and shopping for sativa shouldn’t leave you with a yard full of packaging that’s going to negatively impact the environment.

Oh, and put out multiple trash cans for your guests so your carbon footprint is lessened: a black trash can for trash, green for recycling, and blue for compost. Caring about the environmental impact of your party will get you straight to the top of Santa’s “good” list as Christmas approaches.

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