The Hottest Referee Fernanda Colombo Did a Brilliant Prank in Brazilian Club with Player


Fernanda Colombo is the beautiful female soccer referees in the world. She is very popular with her look and always received some unpleasant offers.  The reason is also that she is the hottest referee in the world. Fernanda is also shared with her Instagram profile. Recently, You can also watch her instra video where she is kissing with her husband on a soccer pitch.

She wrote in the caption, “Love is in the game.”  Fernanda became popular after pranked Diaz, who’s player of Barcelona sporting. It happened when she called him to give him a yellow card.
The player took a tissue and wiped out the swear from her cheeks, and in response, Referee laughed at the player. After that, many unpleasant offers came in her way, and she posted one of them on her Instagram profile.

She printed the email in which she wrote that it was offered to her that she will receiver 7000 reals per night. In addition to, She will meet with educated men between the age she said; she felt like trash after seeing this message.


After that she wrote, ” I want to tell the world, just want to do what i love that means working with football and journalism, Please respect that.”

Here is a clip that got viral over the weekend and in the result she received immoral sexual proposels.

Sadia Nazir
Sadia Nazir
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