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Nowadays we see tourism as a very big industry and a favorite hobby of most people. It is now somewhat considered an essential part of life. People use to visit charming areas the change their minds and routine once yearly. And this frequency is even greater in some countries.



Especially in developed countries, they plan their tours even two to three times per year. Although this is a condition of today. It comes to mind that this tourism developed so the popularity and how it become so common. It needs to be evaluated by going into the history of tourism.

History of tourism

The history of tourism is very fascinating. It developed into a vast industry step by step and now it is providing the world with impressive economical profits and outcomes. Initially, there were not so many roads and conveyance facilities.  You definitely love the “Secret Escapes Discount Code”.

As the population grew, roads, maps, paths, new areas, conveyance facilities, ports, etc developed, which helped in promoting tourism on a huge scale.

Although there is no record of pictures, selfies, and brochures of traveling, we can only guess and assume about the traveling history, because it is confirmed that people of ancient times used to move from one place to another for several  purposes, like

  • Nations, People, and armed forces moved to discover new areas
  • Ancient people also used to move from place to place to control trade routes and discover different resources.
  • Some ancient people moved with the change in climate and environmental conditions to seek shelter and food.
  • Others also move as a part of their hobby to know about others’ traditions, learn about different cultures, noting the art and calligraphy

Origin of tourism

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time when simple traveling turned into tourism. Going back to the 17th century the western tradition is considered the first who settled destinations to their traveling with some aim. It can be claimed as the origin of tourism.

Ancient Greeks and Romans did a lot of traveling for different purposes Greeks traveled to the locations where they were supposed to have God. Romans were also fond of traveling to different places. Even they had their second homes near the beaches and sea to enjoy their summer.

People in eastern Asia were interested in cultural experiences. These people were also so much curious about the invention of new places beyond the sea or far areas. And they start to move to discover something new in that region. All this led to building the base of tourism and traveling.


Going into the depth of the history of tourism, these are the Romans who are the actual originators of tourism. Because of their lot of interest in traveling to also designed roads toward their destination for the ease of their traveling. Whatever the history of tourism is, it remains always very fascinating to visit new places, to discover something that is totally new and surprising to the world.

Sophia Charlotte
Sophia Charlotte
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