Hilarious and Adorable moments of Cute Mouse leaps In the Air Towards the Cameraman


Julain Rad is a 28 years old Austrian photographer and captures a rare gravity-defying performance from a hungry critter. He captured the images of a little mouse in the forest area of Vienna. The mouse found a nut and foraged between its teeth and proudly showcases its find and leap.

It was a curious and hungry woodland mouse when the cameraman captured the mouse to leap through the air towards him. These pictures are so adorable that was captured by 28 years old Julian Rad.

He snapped these images in a forest area in Vienna. The mouse appeared with wide, black eyes for beneath the undergrowth in front of Rad when he became more confident.

Moments later, the tiny critter was bounding towards the camera lens. He kept a nut between its teeth as if to show the photographer what it had found. The mouse manages to clear several inches from the log it emerged on, seemingly in one giant leap towards the camera.

cute mouse

A woodland critter emerged from the undergrowth to settle on a log to observe itself in camera.

cute mouse

Just later few moments, the mouse returns with a nut. He foraged the nut between its teeth and started to bound towards the photographer.

cute mouse

cute mouse

Julain Rad manages to capture many glorious shots of the mouse leaping through the air. The tiny mouse used the tail itself through the air guiding directly towards the mirror image of itself in the photographer’s lens. The little mouse was excited to share its prize and glint pride in its eye.

cute mouse

The mouse emerged from beneath a pile of crusty brown leaves. He was curious by the camera lens and staring at it.

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