Here’s Why a Communication Platform and An LMS Is a Match Made In Heaven


Communication platforms have enormous eLearning possibilities. They provide the effective communication attributes that several LMSs desire. Learning management systems benefit greatly from communication platforms.

You can better interact in conversations with your learners by using communication platforms. Learners can use these platforms to text, video chat, or collaborate using the screen-sharing and document features of communication platforms. When it comes to starting courses and training workshops, LMS platforms with communication features can be extremely useful.

Many educators use an LMS to create and deliver courses to their students. This is because of the many features that an LMS provides. Continue reading to learn why a communication platform and an LMS are a perfect match.

What precisely is a communication platform?

To promote collaboration, communication platforms help firms to use real-time communication functionality, such as instant messaging, voice and video calling, file transfers, and screen sharing. Business communication platforms are all-in-one services that assist businesses in improving their work process. They can also be used as collaboration tools, allowing employees to work on the same frame at the same time.

Why a Communication Platform and an LMS Are a Perfect Match

Quick Access & Chatbots

Members of the group can access the conversations they have done by using a communication platform’s archive feature. There are a few communication platforms on the market that allow you to delegate chatbots to answer a few frequently asked questions on your behalf.

These chatbots can often be a great way to divide the load and relieve stress from instructors by automatically responding to those who ask common questions. When your students have been studying for a long time, these chats will often save them time looking for answers to their questions. It helps them present your course favorably to their friends and peers.

Communicate Directly With The Audience

Keeping in touch with your audience and users using Accord Software is an excellent way to keep them interested in your course. Furthermore, these platforms allow instructors and students to communicate directly.

Course instructors can use these platforms to share files and even discuss student questions on their mobile phones. This allows them to improve student-instructor interaction. At times, these platforms can be a lot more enjoyable for students than a learning management system.

Organize Your Channels

Conversations about courses can take place across various categories and forms with the help of communication platforms. These channels can be organized according to important subjects or groups. You have the option of making the group private so that only a specific group of students can join it, or you can make it public.

Communication platforms also allow you to send one-on-one messages. These platforms also allow students to network and create channels where they can engage in casual conversations about the course. Furthermore, most platforms frequently support amusing message reactions such as GIFs, emojis, and more. It benefits both students and teachers to keep the conversation formal but casual.

Strong Community Affiliations

All communication platforms include their implementation that can be used on most devices. When combined with the instant messaging feature, this improves responsiveness over traditional emails.

Third-party plugins are supported by some communication platforms to add even more functionality. Gamification in a communication platform allows for student recognition and stronger community affiliations.


Conversations on communication platforms can take on many forms. Channels can be organized by topic and made public or private. Direct one-on-one messaging is also available. This means that students are free to establish their private channels for informal networking.

Furthermore, most communication platforms, like instant messaging applications, support message reactions such as emojis and GIFs. Reactions are a subtle way of providing casual feedback, which is again relevant to millennials and post-millennials.

This platform does not necessarily replace an LMS, but rather provides an additional level of communication to bring the online community together. Including a communication platform with your, LMS can help you engage your audience and keep them interested in your course.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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