GTA 6; What Will be the New Features in The Next Game!

GTA 6 is in a tough situation as everyone is gossiping about its release date and new features. Many analysts are saying that it will not come very soon. Here we will know the exact reason behind the delay of the game.

Features of GTA 6

As you know, the GTA series always maintain its tradition and never compromises it. GTA’s online world is different from other games and appreciable by the fans.

heists is an important part of the game and expand the activities in the game; therefore, must be included in the next edition because it works very good in the game.

Race Wars
another significant factor is Race Wars that could turn the shape of the game. Fans really enjoy this feature in GTA; therefore, it is considered for the next edition.

Real Estate
the real estate feature is highly appreciated because players can trade through it. It is all about the fancy buildings and skyscrapers that you can use these as your residence or business spot. It is an excellent addition and will remain the same in the next console.

The reason behind the delay of the announcement

Now, everyone is waiting for the final announcement by Rockstar games which will confirm the official release date.

Even though now the possible release date is made by the company, but rumors are floating all around the world. There could be many reasons like maybe the game is in the developing phase and not ready for the exhibition.

Another possible reason for the delay is the rumor’s advantage. Yes! Maybe a rockstar is taking advantage to stay in the limelight.

Well now let’s see when Rockstar confirms the release date of GTA 6.

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