Germany is situated in the hub of Western Europe. Germany shares its border with Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Austria, and many other countries too. Germany possesses a federal republic government. Germany has a population of 83 million human beings and stands as the third-largest in Europe. Berlin is marked as the capital of Germany whereas Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne are the famous cities in Germany. The world’s second-largest airport lies in Munich, a city in Germany.

People who live in Germany are called Germans. Germans call themselves Deutschland whereas other countries of the world especially English countries call them Germans. Demand for the German language is increasing day by day. The well-known platform Italki may help you learn German online.

There are many positive and negative sayings regarding Germans that they are diligent, responsible, and punctual, indicating Germans’ positive vibes whereas they drink a lot of beer, which indicates negative Germans lifestyle. Germany’s beer consumption rate stands at the second largest. Germany ranks as the 17th happiest nation in the world indicating a low rate of joblessness in Germany. Germany is popular for its engineering manufactured products.


Christianity is marked as the largest religion in Germany with a rate of 54% according to 2020. 40.1% of Germans are atheists, Islam is 5% whereas Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Yazidi ranked as a minority with a rate of 0.1% in Germany.


Sauerbraten got the rank of the national dish of Germany. It is known as ‘sour roast’ in English. Sauerbraten is made up of veal or venison, beef, usually, it is made up of horse’s meat. Germans are famous for beers and sausages. Sausages are the dominant cuisine on the table of Germans. According to the estimation, 140 liters of beer is taken by an average German per year, ranking as the second-largest in the world. Sausages are called ‘Wurst’ in the German language. Many times, Germans feel proud of bread-baking. There are different types of bread varying in sizes, colors, tastes, and names. Germans have a variety of cuisines. If you arrive in Germany and you’re a selective eater, then you have many choices on your table. You must be confused between what should eat and what not. This all indicates German’s love for food.


Dirndl, a tousle apron costume is Germany’s traditional dress for women and girls. Nowadays, German dresses give western look. In Germany, different areas have their different traditional costumes. Men and women usually do formal dressing while going to offices or business meetings. They have to follow a dress code varying from place and occasion. Leather trouser which just finishes above the knee with a shirt is a traditional dress for men whereas dirndl for women. Germans usually wear these clothes at festivals.


German is the world’s most dominant language, as well as the language of the European Union. After English and French, German is the world’s third most taught language. Because German is a West Germanic language, it shares 60% of its similarities with the English language. German is spoken by 90-95 percent of the German people. Minorities who moved to Germany speak Turkish, Polish, Russian, and Kurdish. The German language has several dialects. German is the official language of Belgium, Austria, and Luxembourg, except Germany.


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Germany is famous for its vast architecture, art, culture, industries, and food. The German language seems to be the most valuable language in Europe due to Germany’s location and worth. Many students choose to study or work in Germany. Germany provides free education to students from all over the world, but language is the most significant hurdle. Every foreigner is required to study German. Offices or educational institutions must all be spoken in German. Italki is an excellent platform for learning German. Italki promises the most qualified German language instructor. So remove the linguistic barrier to entering Germany.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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