GBBO Star Ruby Tandoh married her musician girlfriend


British star Ruby Tandoh tied in a knot with her long-term girlfriend. The 26-year-old food writer named Lead Pritchard at a ceremony in Sheffield before a reception at Abbeydale Picture House. She liked to wear a simple cream Kaftan style dress and open-toe sandals and carried a bouquet of white flowers.

Meanwhile, Lead, playing in a band named Alimony Hustle and turned into a counselor, wore an electric blue suit with colorful printed short and tan brogues. They dance at their reception at Abbeydale Picture house cinema.

She said on Twitter in 2015; she could finally move on from rumors about her and GBBO host Paul Hollywood sealed with a kiss. Ruby changed into a silver mini dress with sequins and tucked into a naked cake cover with multicolored icing on the wedding reception.

There was so much news raised about her and host Paul’s Hollywood affair and accused of flirting with him to make it to the finals. Before dismissing weddings as just a gesture of narcissism, she derided for her pastel-colored wedding cake during the series four finales that lost to Frances Quinn.

The couple is not agreed to invite any GBBO star’s fellow. Ruby Tandoh’s wife plays in a band called Alimony Hustle. They happily cut the cake with friends and family at Abbeydale Picture House. Ruby shifted to South Yorkshire from London two years ago.

Ruby held the simple white flower bouquet in her hands and posed for a photo with her new wife. Well, she made an announcement after few months of dating Leah and met on Tinder as well as works for a mental health charity.

The Southend On Sea native said, “ I am bisexual, like men and women. I am looking back now; I wish I had not said the Paul Hollywood thing, even though I would not touch him with a barge pole that was not because I was queer.

In an interview with Times, she said that she had boyfriends and done that, but she already knows that she has another side of herself that she wanted to explore and understand.
Furthermore, she said, That’s why I went on a couple of dates and met Leah very quickly. I consider myself so lucky.

Ruby published her book ‘Eat Up’ this year, in which she revealed that she and Ruby Tandoh’s wife have discussed adopting children in the future. They engaged in January 2017 and declared the news on social media.

The couple was seen in love when they had danced together at Abbeydale Picture House Cinema. Her family and friends were around them, and they took many photographs of the couple. The couple looked relaxed and happy and posed for pictures together.

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