GaN Chargers: Is It The Charger Of The Future?


Nowadays, more tech-savvy individuals are starting to become more interested to know what a GaN charger is and what it can do for your devices. GaN, the symbol that represents the gallium nitride chemical compound, is a type of power chargers that made its presence felt at this year’s CES, proving that it is one of the most sought after devices this year. 

The latest alternative to a silicon-made charger is more efficient. It is also known for its compact size and fast charging capabilities. If you are still vaguely familiar with the GaN charger, here are several details about this charger that you need to know:  

What is GaN?

By definition, gallium nitride is a kind of semiconductor material that started to become prominent during the 1990s because of the rampant manufacturing of LED products. GaN was utilized to develop the first white LEDs, the full-colour LED displays that are visible during the daylight, and blue lasers. It is also used in manufacturing Blu-ray DVD players because it creates the blue light needed to read the disk’s content.

It seems that GaN is on its way to replace silicon in most industries. According to experts, GaN has better power efficiency compared to silicon. They also believe that it can conduct electrons 1,000 times better than silicon without spending a lot of money. 

What are the advantages of using GaN chargers?

All the beneficial features of gallium nitrate can be seen in a GaN charger. It results in better performance compared to the typical silicon-based chargers. One of the first advantages is its ability to function using less components. As a result, the GaN chargers are smaller and more portable. It means that it will not take too much space in your bag. 

It can also conduct higher levels of voltage and can transfer current efficiently. Since it can conserve more energy, it can allow better electricity flow to the charging device. This process will lead to a faster charging time.

Other notable advantages of using a GaN charger compared to its silicon counterpart include: 

  • Lesser switching losses
  • Reduced power needed to propel the circuit
  • Reduced production cost
  • Lesser resistance that leads to reduced conductance losses 
  • Decreased capacitance that leads to reduced power losses during charging and discharging processes  

Can GaN Charger Replace All Chargers?

Typically, device chargers are unique to each device. It means that you need to bring one charger each for your laptop, tablet, camera, and smartphone. As a result, you need to allocate more space in your luggage for the chargers alone. 

But with this latest advancement in chargers using GaN, you may soon say goodbye to all the hassle of taking different chargers for different devices. It may allow you to use a single one for all your electronic gadgets. It will help you free more space and help save the environment by reducing the need for cables and other electronic wastes. 

While GaN chargers are still rare since major smartphone manufacturers like Apple Inc. and Samsung have yet to include it in their smartphone and computer products, it may not take long before considering putting it in their boxes. Before that time comes, you can choose to purchase a GaN charger as a separate accessory for all your smart devices. You only need to invest in a reliable product that uses this revolutionary GaN technology from credible sources. 

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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