Gambling Tattoos – When Fortune Gets Under Your Skin?


Anyone who likes tattoos often uses them to acknowledge their treasure, an idol or a hobby. Gambling tattoos are a commitment to gambling – and a little bit of a superstitious attempt to influence it. Casino tattoos are not only meant to look good, but also to bring good luck. We can guarantee the former with the following examples, but of course not the latter. Play on GamblingPRO the most popular casinos not on Gamstop.

Little Tattoo Client – Where Are They From?

Tattoos are an ancient art form. The very first were made of coal and ashes. Throughout history and long before any casino tattoo, people kept discovering new ways to cover their bodies with ornaments, not only with needle and ink but also with henna. Tattoos could distinguish their wearer, but also brand them. Somewhere only considered suitable for those of dubious reputation. Here are the most important facts from the cultural history of tattooing:

  • Tattoos have been known since the Neolithic period. This is indicated by archaeological finds that have been identified as tattoo instruments. Tattoos are also proven on mummies that are 4000 years old.
  • The word tattoo or its predecessor “Tattoo” first appeared in the 18th century. The term comes from the language of the inhabitants of the South Sea island of Samoa, in which “tatau” means something like “hit, hit, touch”.
  • Getting a tattoo wasn’t always a free choice. “Traumatic tattoos,” for example, were caused by accidents. This is how miners could contract them. Coal dust, gunpowder, asphalt could contaminate and mark their skin. Sometimes the unwary also injured themselves deep under the skin when handling pen and ink. And there was the inhumane practice of marking people with tattoos like cattle, as other people’s property, or as prisoners.
  • The oldest tattoo artist in the world is the Filipino Whang-od, also known as Maria Oggay. She practiced the ancient “Kalinga” art of tattooing until she was approaching 100 years old. As “Mambabatok”, master of the Kalinga, she predicted the future while applying the tattoo and sang along. When she had to give up her craft for health reasons, she focused on teaching the next generation.

The Top Five Gambling Tattoos

Over the course of history, attitudes towards tattoos and gambling have changed significantly. In the past, tattoos were often considered coarse or disreputable, more something for intrepid sea dogs and daring scoundrels. Today, tattoos are very popular, loved by both young and old, and can take virtually any form. Here are the most popular casino tattoos and their meanings.

Ace of Spades

Surely you know that symbols have different meanings in every culture, the Ace of Spades symbol is a very good example of that! Although you might recognize this symbol as associated with good luck, it has a different meaning for the Vietnamese, for example! During the Vietnam War, Americans painted the symbol of spades on their helmets because it denotes misfortune and death, while Americans think it is just a symbol of good luck! If you are a fan of poker, blackjack or even video poker, this code will definitely be perfect for you.

Eight Ball

Eight Ball is a symbol of good luck in many games. For example, in pool if you hit the eighth ball, you win the game. There are also plenty of examples of eight tattoos that look very good. Therefore, it is no wonder that a lot of casino players get this design on their skin.

Flaming Dice

This is a great idea for your next tattoo. Even people who don’t have a direct relationship with gambling or don’t count too much on luck prefer the Flaming Dice tattoo. However, there is also a special meaning to this symbol. In ancient times, rolling a dice denoted luck, randomness, betting, and gambling. In general, the dice symbolize the unknown future.

Lady Luck

It is well known that luck is fickle like revolution, like a lady. Some people want to be especially close to, or even associated with, the revolution or the woman. That is why many players prefer Lady Luck tattoos to their skin.


The Joker was not welcomed in Gotham City because he is a psychopathic villain, yet the Joker is very welcome in blackjack, poker and video poker. Even in other card games that are not primarily gambling, the joker has an additional role and acts as a lever. In general, the joker card works like a wild symbol in slot games.


Roulette is impressive even for those players who have never been to any casino before. The roulette wheel is a symbol of both luck and risk. Hence, they are commonly used in tattoos among casino players. However, this symbol is slightly different from the previous symbols in that it directly indicates that the player is a gambler.

Four-leaf Clover

The Four-leaf Clover is a popular ancient Irish symbol of luck and is very popular in Western cultures. This symbol is particularly associated with the lottery and indicates hope for good luck. Each clover leaf symbolizes something like faith, hope, love, and luck.


Although gamblers keep a small horseshoe shaped souvenir in their pocket when betting in the casino, others prefer it to be kept under the skin. It is interesting that there are two different opinions about the way tattoos are applied. The first team says that the symbol should be drawn like this “U” to collect all the luck and keep it inside forever, the other group believes that only the horseshoe should point down will bring you luck.

Therefore, Examine Whoever Binds Forever

The decision for a tattoo is almost always one for life and therefore needs to be carefully considered. While tattoo removal is now possible, it is a procedure that should be avoided at all costs with a thoughtful and valid choice. We hope that we have been able to provide suggestions for this, and we wish you continued enjoyment of it.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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