Friend Of Satanist: Buries His Victims In His Backyard Explores His Descent Into The Dark


Satanist killed two men, buried them in his backyard, boasted about murder, offered rabbits in his bedroom, and drank his gal’s blood before eventually taking his own life.

A tone-placarded Satanist who boasted about beast immolation, rape, murder and claimed to have buried the dead bodies of his saints in his vicinity was as close to a nightmare as any mortal being could be.’

The nipping description of Pazuzu Ilah Algarad from his stylish friend, Matt Flowers, substantiates his descent into wrong.

Flowers, an Iraq war and forces expert, watched it as the man born John Lawson in a regular exurb came to a medicine-obsessed, facially- tattooed killer.

He’d his lingo resolve it two and his teeth stoned, but that was only an outside sign of his wrong.

Pazuzu Ilah Algarad was charged in October 2014 with murder in the first degree and helping to bury a body when the mortal remains of two men were set up in the vicinity of his suburban home in Clemmons, North Carolina.

They were latterly named as maunderers Joshua Wetzler and Tommy Welch, who had both faded in 2009.

Algarad lived in the house with his gal, Amber Burch, now 29, and mama Cynthia James.

The story of the worrying high academy powerhouse, who changed his middle name to Algarad, his surname and espoused as his first name that of the main monster in The Exorcist. Moreover, the subject of a new Viceland talkie,’ The Devil You Know, ‘ also brought Satanism to purlieus.’

On 28th October 2015, Algarad noway stood trial, committing self-murder in jail.

Flowers was standing at the bank in a line when he got the textbook communication telling him that Algarad had taken his life.

Pazuzu had always told me he’d kill himself if he ended up in jail. He could not do his rituals on the dark moon each month.

He spoke about it in similar detail, all the different ways he’d do it.

Algarad’s autopsy shows that he failed from blood loss from a crack that punctured the roadway on his inner left forearm. It doesn’t state that he smelled into his arm, though that’s the scuttlebutt that took hold locally.

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