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Foothills jewelry and loan Inc. is a top-tier pawn store providing its consumers with a divergent choice of unique, unreachable items at competitive prices. They are the bearers of a broad spectrum of particularly guns that are normally hard to find. Features of a number of guns are discussed as follows.

A brief run-through of the Foothills jewelry and loan Inc catalog

Foothills jewelry and loan industry overview;

foothils jewelry

CANIK TUNGSTEN provides the enterprise-level interlock dovetail notch that is used in a broad variety of available aftermarket sights.

CANIK TUNGSTEN 5 attributes:

Warren Tactical front sight: It is fabricated with green and red fiber optics

Removable Red Dot cover: a back view is fixed to the body to avoid interruption or attachment toRed Dot sights.

  • Four Red Dot edge plates
  • Betterment in SA trigger(i.e. single action)
  • Multiple luminescent slices on the slide
  • Serrated forward slide
  • Bolt lever can be cocked on both left right and sides with equal ease and in a reversible manner.

 Foothills jewelry and loan El Camino 22LR:

The El Camino by Q®  is a dead-weight vehicle providing the combination of efficient, durable, and stylish characteristics from foothills jewelry and loan. Alterations to the text become spotlighted in green color, and one can make more by clicking on terminologies and replacing them with synonyms. Give it a shot. The front end cap on the El Camino has a standard 1/2″ socket interface, circumventing the requirement of for specific tools to break its assembly. The stainless steel baffles can be arranged in any arrangement without employing an assigned blast baffle.


It is a tiny revolver gun with a Western-style. Finally, the next Heritage Barkeep is just here. The Barkeep is a single-action pistol. It is chambered and in a competitive price as compared to the one from foothills jewelry and loan. This revolver gun is also supposed to work with a replaceable Optional 22 WMR cylinder. The Barkeep possesses secured open sights for fast action and a sharp sight image designed for maximum camouflage in a small but light and compact kit. Multiple holds and clutch choices for fine grip in accordance with the customary black oxide or case-hardened frame finish with typical western styling.

Foothills jewelry CZ P-10 F 9MM BLK/POLY

This product is no longer available. Instead, the store is expanding its supply to introduce the P-10 C. It is the newest addition to the CZ line of handguns, coming out as a result of years of growth. The P-10 appears to be  CZ, from its appearance and the way it fires, and it’s way more than just their take on the striker-fired weapon. The interested ones can get it from foothills jewelry and loan.


The Model 642 NO, a lightweight aluminum alloy revolver gun having an entire blackout hammer, is the latest advancement of the historic Model 42 Centennial Airweight. The Model 642 is a multiplex combination of the original’s tried-and-true features with significant boost-ups in terms of its characteristics.

Distinguishing features:

Portable lightweight alloy framework

The barrel and cylinder are made up of stainless steel.

Circumscribed hammer with no impediments and hitches


The double-action (the ability to be cocked and fired in a single action) revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths, maintaining Colt’s Snake Gun trademark features. This weapon provides the user with a good revolver and a more robust experience of shooting with 30 percent extra steel below the rear adjustable target sight at foothills jewelry and loan. In turn, this revolver has a muzzled target crown, user-friendly, and easily replaceable front view. Further splendid with a Walnut grip along with classic Colt medallion. The Python revolver is chambered for the.357 Magnum cartridge.

Palmetto State Armory

Foothills jewelry Palmetto State Armory’s variation of the most acclaimed AR-15 is the PA-15 series of weapons. The store has AR-15 rifles and AR-15 handguns in mutiple configurations and features, inclusively caliber, barrel length, sights, stocks, handguards, and much more. The customer can find AR-15 parts and accessories for instanceuppers, lowers, handguards, barrels, and even full AR-15 construction kits, in addition, to complete rifles and handguns . Their online pawn store provides for  every item and accessory one require to complete and supplement his or her experience with PA-15.

 Privacy Policy

Protecting the visitor’s confidentiality is a foremost specialty of foothills.. The policy regarding the user of privacy, including  the types of information the store, obtains from registered users and window visitors, and what the store runners will and will not do with the provided information. Keep in notice that the said privacy does not include the information collectors and user businesses that the pawn store does not own or regulate or candidates who are not serving or under the control.

Conditions of Use:

If the store or any of its employees or the ones dealing with customrs directly or indirectly violate these terms of privacy policy, the havfoothills would react by indelible removal of the said individual from the platform or, owing to the type and intensity of the transgression, reacting using legal procedures. Foothills have the prerogative to modify, rewrite, improvise or remove information either in text form or in picture form, from their website at any time. The customer then clicks the “Accept,” option, he or accepts that he or she agrees to the conditions declared above and that he or she has read and has completely understood the foothills jewelry and loan Terms of Use. The paid balance is reviews like minimum-based special score fico. It remains subsequently approved month loans payment installment subject product change questions few costs money.

Restocking guarantee:

So the accurate responses by the customer are the party’s request. However, the store updates about the availability of products and those under restriction.


Foothills Jewelry & Loan Inc. is located in Hickory, NC. It is one of its kind pawn shop, offering hard to find inventory at an economical price. They have a broad catalog comprising of firearms, jewelry, electronics, laptops, musical instruments, tools, TVs and much more that one can imagine and beyond. So enjoy your rollercoaster ride for unique products by visiting their website online or the physical store in Hickory, North California.

Frequently asked questions?

Q1. What is foothils jewelry and loan Inc.?

It is a pawn store in California, western United States. They are the bearers of broad spectrum of armament particularly guns that are normally hard to find.

Q2. What is a pawn store and how does it work?

It is a type of store where you go and exchange goods or money by goods or goods in return of money. The basic condition is that if you get some loan from the pawnbroker in exchange of some price value, then if you don’t return the loan before the redemption period is over, the pawnbroker reserves the right to sell your item. Likewise, one can take an item from the pawnshop and pay money in exchange and the re-xchange of these two would occur by in the redemption period.

Q3. Can I trust foothil jewelry and loan Inc, pawn store for protecting my privacy?

Yes, you can trust them and review their privacy policy on their website.

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