Food Processors: Get, Set and Blend

There are many ardent fans of MasterChef Australia who would be itching to try out some of the exotic recipes on the show. Whatever the motivation, it would be helpful to have all the ingredients pre-arranged and ready, to start the actual cooking process immediately. Chopping, mixing, whipping, are all strenuous work that comes along with the art of cooking. Food processors are just the handy tool to take on that burden. 

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool

Food processors consist of a motor-base with a shaft to attach various jars for different purposes. Chopping, shredding, slicing, dicing, grinding, pureeing and even mixing dough and a host of recipes can be done correctly and quickly in a food processor. 

Working the Magic

Food processors come in 3 sizes – full, mini and compact. The basic jar is a durable plastic jar with a feed tube, where the food items go in. This jar is food grade, and one can use it to make cold juices or steaming soups. One can use the pusher to force the produce down through a disc or a blade, for the finished product. 

Slice and Dice

The metal discs in a food processor take care of the slicing and dicing of the produce. One has to insert the vegetables or fruits into the tube and push it towards the discs. This action causes the vegetables to go through the discs attached in the jar with the appropriate holes and cuts, chopping the vegetables to the user’s specifications. There are many types of discs for different ways of cutting. For example, a julienne disc cuts the ingredient into long thin strips.

You can also shred cheese using them.


Another essential attachment to any food processor is the s-shaped blade of plastic or steel. Smoothies, purees and any other type of blending is done quickly with the steel blades. The same blades in plastic, but with a broader surface area, mixes batter and kneads dough—the attached spatula aids in transferring the blended contents efficiently.

Special Attachments

Some fancy attachments are included as well with their package, regardless of their size.Whip

This attachment comes with two straight arms with paddles. This design ensures there are enough air pockets for that perfect fluffy texture. 

Drizzle Basin

The drizzle basin is mainly used for making sauces or for salad dressings. They incorporate liquids into the processor, by controlled-trickling of the liquid onto the food for that perfect finish.


This jar houses a disc and feed tube through which one can push in fruits or vegetables, turning it into a pulp that is strained through a disc to the bottom for easy consumption.

Citrus Juicer

The citrus juicer comes with a dome-shaped attachment onto which the fruit is cut and placed. The attachment then spins, releasing the juice and straining out the pulp and seeds.


While the workstations of those on MasterChef Australia tend to become very messy, food processors ensure that there is minimal mess. They also come with bowls for storing, so that you can put the processor through multiple uses if necessary. For instance, when making salsa, certain ingredients have to be pureed while certain ingredients have to be chopped or diced. It can be quite a hassle to have to clean the jar between every use. That is why the jars themselves double up as containers, with dedicated lids for each. If needed, one can also store these jars in the refrigerator for later use. 

These appliances are also dishwasher safe, adding to their “no-mess” quality. This truly innovative machine can give your kitchen an upgrade.

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