Five Ways Online Gambling Can Improve Your Romantic Relationship

Casinos can often be a place to find love, companionship, and maybe even your soul mate. There are plenty of James Bond movies showing the protagonist on vacation, somewhere in Miami, enjoying a casino, and walking out with a beautiful date.

Casinos are filled with people from different walks of life, all looking for fun. The adrenaline rush, the music, the great drinks, the healthy competition are all a great backdrop to re-ignite that romantic spark. 

So whether you’re looking for a romantic someone or even just looking to improve your existing relationship, casinos are your best more here

Playing together

A couple that plays together stays together. This is probably an age-old saying about how couples should lead their lives to be closer together and have a happy relationship. However, it stands true to this day.

Research says that a lot of relationships fail because there is boredom in the relationship. It is therefore important to invent and keep trying novel activities in your relationship. Gambling and playing the lottery can be one of those activities.

In 2008, Howard Markman, a psychologist, and co-director of the University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family Studies stated that the correlation between having fun and marital bliss is exceptionally high. The more investment there is in fun and adventurous activities, the greater the likelihood of your marriage staying on track is.

So, invent, enjoy, experiment, and visit an online casino in India, maybe?

improving your game together

The poker industry is replete with examples where a couple has met during the tournaments and stayed together since. They have played alongside each other as a team and even against each other, all in good spirits. In fact, their game has helped them become closer, travel together, give each other valuable advice, and be a support system during tournaments.

Maria Lampropulos and Ivan Luca of Argentina have had quite successful runs as single players, but ever since they got together, they have been unstoppable.

It started in 2016 at the Eureka Poker Tour. That year, they were competing against each other, and Luca being in better form, beat Lampropulos for a $106,196 title. The next year, however, the tables turned, and it was Maria who won. At her victory speech, she thanked her boyfriend for being supportive and guiding her whenever she played a wrong hand. The duo has become the most accomplished player in Argentina. Luca sits in the 1st place in rankings and Maria in the 3rd place.

Liv Boeree and Ivan Kurganov also have a similar story. They won a gold bracelet in the tag team of the World Series of Poker. Similarly, Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly have been going strong for a decade and counting.

Gambling is not only a couple’s game; it has birthed power couples, who share their passion for the same casino game. Poker, roulette, and baccarat have helped players find the love of their lives, sitting right across the table for them!

Hitting the casino scene slow and steady

If you are passionate about gambling, it is natural to want your partner to experience the thrill, and adrenaline it brings. In fact, it is better if you want them to experience it with you.

Experts suggest that while some experiences can be overwhelming, slowly dipping your partner’s feet could be a good idea. For example, it is a good idea to first take them through instant play casinos and let them play free slots or roulette. Once they get used to these games and their process, then you can introduce them to more complex games like poker and baccarat.

Giving them an instant play casino to try is to prevent them from getting overwhelmed by the chaos at land-based casinos. Gradually, when they become familiar with the game, you can take them to land-based casinos and let them sink wholly into the experience.

Similarly, going all out and taking your significant other on a trip to Las Vegas might be too much too soon. Instead, book a cruise and let them enjoy the sea with small bouts of casino playing in the evening.

We are in this together

Lastly, going to a land-based casino together and facing so many people makes you think together, as a team. You get the feeling of “us against the world”, and it brings you closer. You work for each other, cheer each other on, even if you aren’t playing together.

You feel supported and challenged at the same time, and it is great for your relationship to grow. You might even discover qualities that you didn’t know your partner had; they might impress you, leave you in awe of them, and make you fall for them a little more.

Bottom line

It is a great idea to try gambling together. For all the reasons mentioned above, gambling is bound to bring you closer to your significant other or maybe even help you find one.

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