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Certain words require certain settings.  There are times when certain words are inappropriate, yet there are times when those very same words apply to certain contexts.  Whether a setting is a restaurant, a cocktail party, or an after-work event, each setting can inform the type of word you use.  Perhaps one of the most enigmatic words in existence is, “pendejo,” the Spanish word for dumbass.  It is not always prudent to call someone a dumbass. In fact, in most cases,  it is probably not a good idea.  Still, there are some circumstances under which one may consider the usage of such a word.  It may not be easy to discern what these myriad circumstances are, but the idea is that the following article should elucidate the true meaning of the word with regard to context.

  1. A Restaurant

Let us assume that you are at a bar.  We will call bar A.  Let us also assume that you are with two friends.  These friends are Hispanic.  We will refer to them as B and C.  Generally, B and C are fairly conservative people.  They do not get along well with curse words, but they know how to have a good time.  If you were to perhaps use the word, “pendejo,” in their vicinity, then B and C may not be very much offended.  They might be a little offended, but not in such a way that they are genuinely distressed by your lexicon.  At best, it might be prudent to ask B and C what words they would like to hear instead of immediately burdening them with something that overwhelms them.  A restaurant might be a good place to test the waters with regard to the word, “pendejo.”

  1. A Dive Bar

A dive bar is usually a casual establishment at which to purchase drinks.  The drinks are not always particularly good, and neither is the food.  Let us say that the bartender has been avoiding you for 45 minutes.  At this point, you may be wondering if you will ever receive your check.  It may be prudent to regard the bartender as a pendejo, so that he or she decides to work a bit faster.  It is not always easy to avoid saying the word, “pendejo,” and a dive bar is not conducive to restraint, so feel free to throw around this word as often as possible in a dive bar.  Call the patrons, “pendejos.” Call the wait staff, “pendejos.” Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

  1. A Car Dealership

Let us say that you are visiting Car Dealership X.  Car Dealership X is open for eight hours each day.  Bob can sell two cars every three hours, and Alice can sell three cars every two hours.  With the word, “pendejo,” you may be able to discern how often both are able to sell a car.  A car dealership is not the optimal location for every single denomination of word, though, “pendejo,” might be a solid fit for those who have refused to sell you an adequate car.  Obviously, “pendejo,” is not the type of word you will want to say every day.  It is an exceedingly singular word that is only appropriate at car dealerships among other similar types of settings.  The settings will often inform which words are necessary to use, without regard to language.  Whether you are speaking Spanish or English, the key is to allow the semantics of your current setting to inform the words you are about to use.

  1. A Movie Theater

Let us say that you are at a movie theater.  The name of this theater is not necessarily of importance.  Let us also say that there is a child making lots of noise or a young man with his phone out.  Feel free to call either archetype of person a pendejo, as they are ruining the fun for everyone.  Movie theaters should be of the utmost silence for movie-watching purposes.  It just does not make sense for one to be making such a ruckus in a movie theater.  Such a person who makes this transgression ought to be regarded as a pendejo for his or her behavior.

  1. A Spanish Class

Let us say that you are really trying to impress your Spanish teacher as well as your entire Spanish class.  In such a case, it may be prudent to use the word, “pendejo,” in order to please your eminent audience.  The word, “pendejo,” can display your intimate understanding of the Spanish language: You understand Spanish so well that you even know Spanish curse words.  A Spanish class is a great place to demonstrate your excellence regarding the language, and what better way to express your interest in the Spanish language than to use the word, “pendejo?”

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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