Five Netflix Series To Refresh Your Mind!


A lot of options are available on the internet with the help of which you can refresh your mind. But none of them comes closer at beating the experience of watching some really great shows which are available on Netflix. These shows are full of diverse characters, stories, and set-ups that will never bore you. You can try watching the following shows on Netflix whenever you feel bored and wish to refresh your mind.

  1. The Last Kingdom – This show is full of exciting characters and situations which will make you sit through the four seasons without any problem. The show is considered as one of the best that Netflix has to offer and it can easily freshen you up with its narrative, socio-political issues, and intense characters. The Last Kingdom Season 5 will be released sometime around 2021 or 2022, but first, you must watch the previous four seasons of the show.
  2. Crazy Ex-girlfriend – Assuming that the show’s title has already pricked the hearts of many readers, it would be a relief for them to know that the show isn’t all about ex-girlfriends going crazy. It’s a comedy at its core and is backed by some powerful performances of its cast namely Rachel Bloom and Donna Lynne Champlin.
  3. The IT Crowd – A show about three friends who work in the IT department of an office is certainly going to make you laugh because of the astounding acting performances from Chris O Dowd, Katherine Parkinson, and Richard Ayoade. It talks about the life of the people who are not the center of attention at their offices, that is, the IT guys. The show will make for a great experience after returning from work.
  4. American Vandal – Netflix does know how to make a joke of its own and that is what it did when it came up with American Vandal, a brilliant parody of Making A Murderer. The show’s first season focuses on the vandalism of twenty-seven cars of teachers and the prime suspect is quickly acquitted after a little investigation. But that is where the fun begins as the guy takes it on himself to find the true culprit.
  5. Grace and Frankie – A comedy show which has a lot of fun moments and makes sure that the viewers are getting entertained with every single thing getting presented on the screen. Adorned by the stellar acting performances of some veteran actors, Grace and Frankie season 7 is going to release in 2021 and you must catch up with its previous seasons before that happens.

These shows are getting a lot of love from their viewers and some of them have even made it to the top 10 Netflix series on many websites. Now, the decision is completely yours whether you want to freshen up your mind with these shows or something else. However, it’s strongly recommended that you watch these series which are available on Netflix for their entertainment quotient and the ability to keep you hooked. Apart from that, some of the above shows are going to have their next season dropped and you would not want to get confused upon watching them because you did not see the previous seasons of those shows.


Justin Cody
Justin Cody
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