Five Impeccable Advantages Of Installing A Wood Fence


There are many different types of materials used to manufacture fences, but due to the natural beauty and affordability of the wood, it remains a ubiquitous choice. Not only is it easy to find a wooden fence with the right size, height, and color, but also it is easy to maintain a wooden fence. If one might be wondering how long does a wood fence last, the answer for this is that wood is durable enough to last for years. Here in this article are some major advantages of installing a wooden fence.

 Wooden fences are economical and durable

Now that wood is natural and available in abundance, the price of installing a wooden fence stays reasonably low compared to materials like aluminum, wrought iron, or vinyl. When a wood fence is professionally installed, how long does wood fence last becomes out of the question, since it lasts for decades and also remains attractive?

Maintaining a wooden fence is simple

Cleaning a wooden fence is easier. All one needs to have is simple soap and water to clean the wooden fence. Also, such fencing can be protected from damage by treating it with paint, stain, or water repellant. In case a panel becomes warped or damaged, it can be easily repaired by replacing individual boards.

Availability of a wide variety of wooden fences

When considering installing a wooden fence, an individual might be surprised to know that one can choose from pine, spruce, cypress, redwood, cedar, and more. Since regular repainting or staining acts as a smart way to maintain the fence, one could conceivably change the color frequently. What’s more, is that such wooden fences come in different styles like a board on board, picket, stockade, split rail, shadowbox, and more and can also be personalized to be the right size and height for a specific property. Because wood offers so much versatility, wooden fencing can complement just about any setting.

Wooden fences are environment friendly

Wood is a great option for those who are environmentally conscious since this particular material is a renewable source. In addition to this, several treatments can be used to protect wooden fences from rot and pests, yet are environment-friendly.

Wooden fences can increase the property value

Wooden fences not only provide security but also privacy which is appealing to the home buyers. What’s more is that wooden fences are a good choice for keeping kids and pets safe and also make the yard more enjoyable to use, which further adds to the value of the property for the owner as long as he lives in the house.


Whenever thinking of installing a new fence, consider opting for the wooden one. The wood fences with professional installation can offer the mentioned benefits. Before choosing the type of wood for the fencing, do ask the manufacturer how long the wood fence lasts. It is always wise to invest in durable fences that can be easily maintained and also add to environmental protection.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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