Feminized Cannabis Seeds, The Mother seeds of this World


Feminized seeds are the favorite seeds of growers of this type of plant, these are considered a great advantage, since this type of seed is the one that blooms, thus producing more seeds for planting.

This means that these types of seeds are chosen by growers for their speed in producing cannabis plants.

For this reason, in cannabis seed sales stores, this type of feminized seed is the most chosen by the consumer, despite having a higher price than other types of seeds but bringing as a benefit the multiplication of the offspring which is created

What are They?

Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are predisposed in the same way to be male or female starting from chromosomes such as XX or XY, these being the ones that we all know, depending on which chromosome comes out the silver will have a gender. In feminized seeds, this process is quite narrow and modified since they are genetically designed so that only XX females come out.

This has been a process that has varied in response throughout, at one point there was a phase in which the plant had a tendency to be hermaphroditic in order to flourish with males as well.

These seeds not only stabilize the market but also make the seeds highly functional for all the needs that the consumer may have, this has been achieved after many years of effort and constant treatments so that the plant could produce in a reliable and stable.

How to Choose Them

Choosing feminized seeds is as rigorous a process as the selection of any other cannabis seed or product, since there is a great variety and differences between everything that belongs to this world. Now, feminized seeds can vary in things like how they taste, how they smell, and even how long they take to flower.

For the consumer, this is an important task, so it is necessary to investigate to collect information and thus choose the seed that best suits your demands or needs.

Taking into account that feminized seeds are quite molded to be able to adapt to the needs or requirements of the consumer, in the same way simplifying in a certain way the tasks that a farmer can have in this area.

How They Are Produced

These seeds have been worked genetically to be able to be used in a multifunctional way, since their genes have been modified so that they are directly predisposed to be female plants, although in their beginnings, which was around the 70s, they began to be like hermaphrodites after many changes it was possible to immediately become female and eliminate the tendency of hermaphroditism of initial genetics of the plant, so that later the children of this plant inherit in a more direct and somewhat safe way, XX female chromosomes.

Previously, seeds were always predisposed to be male, so the arrival of feminized seeds greatly facilitated the way of growing and producing cannabis, since it not only allowed you to have a mother plant, but also to adapt it to your space and needs, allowing you to grow crops. from cuttings.

This has been a revolutionary process as it shows the change that has been generated over the years by modifying the plant to be highly functional and predisposed to the needs of users.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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