Fear the Walking Dead Return Season 6 All Updates And Trailer


After a year, AMC has decided that fear the walking dead season 6 will return on 11th October. A new trailer also revealed that you can watch it here. In this clip, Morgan is asking for help as the show picks up in the season 5 finale that left him near death. According to the trailer, he is not dead, and it seems he is being hunted.

Morgan was seen with red eyes in the trailer. Fear the Walking Dead will return on 11th October with new episodes. However, due to coronavirus, it could be delayed, but no one date came yet.

The first look of the season six shows a whole host of new pairings and characters adjust the life under Pioneer rule. A glimpse of Lennie James as Morgan was seen behind the camera that means his fate hangs in the balance as he is the only character at humbug’s Gulch.

The photography director Andrew Strahorn said, ” each character has their own perspective, and they saw their involvement with each other’s lives.
The director also talked about teh evolution in the new storyline and said, ” definitely there is not only a progression of the subject but tone.”

The first trailer displayed on the screen in April. Lennie James said, ” Morgan character is a survivor, but in this universe, it is proven over and over again.”

People speculations like., this character can’t die; they will be forever. There is nothing guaranteed, but Morgan’s time may be up or not, and Rick and Carl are good examples of it.”

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