The factor of 484: Fatalities due to Falling off from an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters hold significant importance for those who need to travel daily and through busy traffic. Riding on an electric scooter is not that difficult. You need some time to practice before formally riding on the scooter in rushy streets or roads efficiently.

So before you purchase an electric scooter, you should practice riding on a scooter. It would be best if you practiced balancing your weight on the scooter for the practice. The candidate should stand firmly on the deck of the scooter. You may take assistance from another person. Then start the scooter slowly by pressing the handle.

Practice balancing and beginning with a slow speed will lead you towards riding the bike easily. Balancing yourself on the scooter is an art. You have to keep the optimum space between the feet to divide your body mass equally on the scooter deck. Firmly grasp the handles of the scooter and press them to have a speedy ride.

Go through a small distance, turn slowly, come back to the starting point, gradually slow down the speed, and then apply brakes to stop the scooter. You should practice this step the same way you did for the slow speed. You should practice using breaks correctly and efficiently; otherwise, you may fall from your electric scooter. You should choose the best possible electric scooter if you want to enjoy and have fun on scooters.


riding electrical scooter


Falling off an Electric Scooter


The electric scooters are based upon a principle of physics requiring you to balance your weight on the scooter’s deck. It is quite normal to fall from a scooter. I mean, how can you imagine not falling from a scooter.


Modern electric scooters are self-balancing vehicles. They may pose problems in riding due to multiple factors. Some of these factors are listed below.

The rider must be aware of all the above factors to keep him/herself stable on an electric scooter,


Deaths from Electric Scooter


In the year 2017, life-threatening injuries occurred due to electric scooters. The affected persons got head and neck injuries. Some other injuries, such as Traumatic Brain Injury, also occurred. Traumatic Brain Injury occurs due to severe or sudden trauma or jolts to the head. This injury is not diagnosed right when it occurred, as the rider does not necessarily feel the symptoms just after the injury but mainly many days or months after the initial injury.


There is no obvious cut on the skull. The injured rider may feel unconscious, dizzy, have a severe headache, or have nausea. He/she can also show the symptoms of slurred speech, imbalance, blurred vision or anxiety, and confusion. If anyone experiences such symptoms after falling from an electric scooter, he/she must consult the doctor in the nearest vicinity to seek immediate medical attention.


If this injury becomes severe, it may lead to brain collapse and death. In the year 2020, there were approximately 484 fatalities. They had mild injuries, but most of them had severe body injuries. In short, hidden wounds can be fatal for the candidates who fall for electric scooters and present with apparently mild head injuries.


 Falling off from an Electric Scooter


Prevent falling off an electric scooter


Here are some of the tips you must follow to prevent falling off an electric scooter

  • Always wear safety gear, for instance, helmets, elbow, and knee pads, to avoid severe blows.
  • It is better to not ride on an electric scooter at night and when you are in a hurry.
  • Still, if you want to ride at night, you must use headlights, reflectors, and tail lights.
  • When riding on an electric scooter always prefer riding on smooth roads to the broken or rough streets.
  • Avoid going out on the electric scooter in severe weather conditions like thunder, lightning, rain showers, and wind storms.
  • Always ride on the right side of a path and pass on the left.
  • Always be conscious of your safety as well as others’ safety.
  • Avoid listening to loud music when in a crowd on rushy streets or roads as it may affect your concentration and you cannot hear the sound of traffic vehicles.
  • Always prefer to be alone on your electric scooter. Never have any other person with you on an electric scooter.


Tips to Prevent Severe Injury hen Falling off an Electric Scooter


Here are the tips you must follow to get the least affected when you are on the verge of falling from an electric scooter.

  • Immediately bend down if you get out of balance on your electric scooter. It decreases the risk of getting injured as you will be much closer to the ground.
  • Additionally, try to fall on the body’s fleshy organ, for instance, hips or belly, as they serve as a cushion to absorb shock and decrease the chances of a severe injury.
  • Once you fall off, roll over your body instantly to prevent pressure from building upon specific bones, thereby reducing the risk or extent of bone fracture.
  • Be calm and have control over your nerves, and be in a safe place at the side of the road.


Frequently Asked Question


Q1: How can I avoid falling off an electric scooter?

Ans: You must practice for a sufficient time on low speed and gradually increase the speed until you are damn sure that you can balance yourself on the scooter and know how to stop the scooter.


Q2: What safety gears are recommended for the riders of electric scooters?

Ans: Safety gears such as knee pads, elbow pads, and safety helmets are essential to prevent severe injuries on falling off from an electric scooter.


Q3: If I am about to fall from an electric scooter, what tip do I follow to reduce the chances of a severe injury?

Ans: immediately bend down so that you would be close to the ground already, and falling off won’t hurt you much.


Q4: Should I consult the doctor if I get a blow on the head when falling off from an electric scooter?

Ans: Yes, you should consult the doctor immediately and have a detailed examination of the skull and brain to rule out the chance of getting Traumatic Brain Injury or to get it diagnosed, and treatment is taken.


Q5: If I fall from an electric scooter, what should I do to prevent or decrease the extent of the bone injury?

Ans: try to fall off on the fleshy organ of your body and immediately roll over once fallen off from an electric scooter so that the bones would have less impact time of blow force.


Bottom Line


Electric scooters are fun as long as they don’t involve serious injuries. The injuries can be severe to a life-threatening extent. For 2020, 484 fatalities were reported due to damage from falling off electric scooters. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, one must follow the precautions and ensure safety measures. Even if you are on the verge of falling, follow the tips to get less injured.


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