Fashion-Savvy Tips for the Mother of the Bride

The bride is not the only one who wants to look the best during a wedding. Their moms also want to look phenomenal to support and celebrate a significant milestone in the lives of their family. Indeed, it can be stressful to find an outfit that not only looks and fits perfectly but is also well-coordinated with the wedding theme.

Mother of the bride dresses now come in various silhouettes, cuts, and colours to suit a broad selection of body types and preferences. Some dresses are long, while some are shorter yet still evoke a classy vibe. The key to select the perfect dress to wear for your daughter’s wedding is to know your body type and your aesthetic. By knowing these two, will help you to narrow down your choices easier.

The following are additional key details that you should follow when purchasing or choosing a wedding outfit:

Print and hue

It is very important to be mindful of your daughter’s wedding theme when choosing what to wear. It ensures that your outfit does not clash with what the entourage is wearing. It is prohibited to wear a white dress during your daughter’s wedding because the colour is reserved exclusively for the bride. As for patterns, find one that matches the theme of the wedding. Better opt for simple yet stylish details.

Long or short

Long dresses are perfect for evening receptions because it looks luxurious and it also gives you more coverage as the temperature drops throughout the night. Shorter dresses are suitable for outdoor weddings that are held during the daytime or summer. It enables more movement and less strain on your legs and feet.

Secure top

Curvy women with a larger-than-average bust must check that the dress’s neckline provides ample coverage and support for their chest area. If needed, have your trusted tailor to make the necessary adjustments so that it will fit. Chemise dresses and outfits that are worn as separates give more space for you to breathe. Diagonal ruffles diminish the bulge on your chest area, while a halter top provides extra support.

Suits as alternative

Not all women or moms are comfortable wearing dresses at formal events. It is especially true if you are a hands-on mom who moves around frequently to make sure that everything is going smoothly during the ceremony and the reception. Suits are an excellent substitute for dresses. Although formal, it is universal to all sexes and genders, and also you can pair it with a blazer or coat.

Fabric choice and silhouette

Find a fabric that feels comfortable on your skin. Silk and cotton are ideal if you have sensitive skin. These types of materials are very gentle, soft and lightweight. Linen is also another comfortable option. 

Some of the silhouettes that you can choose are A-line, the ball gown and mermaid. A-line, a mother of the bride dresses, creates a timeless appeal, while ball gowns add a youthful glow to your overall look. Mermaid dresses are more feminine and sophisticated. Dresses with long, straight cuts and flowy fabrics make you look taller in pictures.

Weddings are once in a lifetime occurrence. Use the tips in this blog to look your best and exude your innermost joy on your daughter’s very special day!

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