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Making animated avatars is quite a new trend on TikTok, Picrew is the best option for you. 

What is Picrew?

Before starting, you might need to know what Picrew actually is. Picrew is an amazing online image editing tool that comes with some handy tools and is absolutely free to use.

Picrew has an option of cloud storage that helps you back up your pictures and allows you to share it with others along with some necessary basic features like resizing, cropping, etc. Picrew is specifically designed to be handy and hassle-free.

It has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier for users to edit their images even if they are not really familiar with using online editors like photoshop.

If you are looking for an editor that allows you to create free character designs for games or TikTok, then Picrew is the best way possible for you.

Picrew Avatars

Picrew has been a hot topic for TikTok users since its launch. It is easy and fun to use for people of all age groups to make avatars using this platform. You can create an avatar of yourself, your loved ones, family members, or anybody you would like.

You can look for Picrew image gallery on website to inspire making your avatar, or you can be an avatar or icon creator and create avatars for others. Picrew is the best tool for you to make characters for your game or your story, which has all the basic tools for editing.

It is easy to learn and use and doesn’t cost you a single penny to use.    

What is Picrew Trend?

Tiktok has broken many records as it is used by millions of users and is quite a famous app. On TikTok, a number of trends initiate and become popular among its users.

One of the trends that got quite popular was the Picrew Trend. A great number of people participated in this trend by creating avatars of themselves and their friends.

To get in the trend, you need to create an avatar of yourself according to your best perception and get your friend to make your avatar according to his perception. You will be able to see how your perception varies from the perception of your friends. Or one can say how you see yourself vs. how your friends see you. 

How to do Picrew Trend?

You can easily participate in the Picrew trend by creating your own cartoon avatar. For this, you need to go to the website first. Initially, the website in Japanese, but you can translate it into English easily.

After that, you will find many avatars options like elves and fairies created by various avatar creators. You can even create an avatar of your own choice by altering the features of your face by adding horns, wings, different colored wigs, and many other things. 

How to create your Picrew Avatar?

You can make your cartoon avatar by following these simple steps. 

  1. First, you need to go to by using any browser on your phone or your desktop. 
  2. Although the website is in Japanese, you will be able to translate it into English. 
  3. Once the webpage is translated into English, you can scroll down the page and look for various avatars created by various creators. You can choose from those avatars or even customize your avatars. 
  4. For customization, there is a number of options available, every aspect of your face can be customized, like the shape of your face, eyes, skin color, lips, eyebrows, hairstyle, or anything.  
  5. After creating the avatar of your own choice, you need to press the complete button.  
  6. Next, you can download the created avatar on your device. 

How to upload your Picrew Avatar on Tiktok?

Now you have successfully made your cartoon avatar. You can upload your avatar to a Tiktok video by following a few steps:

  1. First, open the TikTok app on your device and press the ‘Plus’ icon. 
  2. Now you have to record your video, start recording, and release the record button; then, go to the effect icon.
  3. Check the trending tab, which is fully furnished with the sun, and download arrows with a green screen background.
  4. Then you can select your Picrew image. You can adjust your image as per choice.
  5. Now you need to record again, and after finishing recording, tap the checkmark icon, which will be given in the red color. 
  6. You can also add any sound, music, or text to your video of your choice.
  7. After that, tap the next button where you can add the hashtag of #Picrew so that anyone who is looking for this hashtag can find your video. 
  8. Just post it when you are ready. That’s it!

Why Picrew?

Picrew is different from other online editing software available as it consists of a series of layered images that can create a 2-D paper doll style image.

Each layer of the image has a small detail of features like hair color, skin tone, etc. This helps you create a brand-new cartoon avatar with a unique style and character.     

Picrew is a wonderful tool for self-expression of yourself. You can select a character and customize it according to your own choice. You can even add text to your picture. 

Final Words

Picrew is a popular online editing app that allows you to create your cartoon avatars. Picrew comes with various features and tools that help you to adjust your image according to your own choice. You can create a whole new avatar or can customize an already available avatar as per your liking.   


How can I use Picrew as it is in Japanese?

You can translate into English by simply opening it up on your browser, and there will you see an option of translating the page. From there, you can translate your website into English. 

What is Picrew Trend on tiktok?

Picrew trend is the latest trend to be followed on TikTok. You can make cartoon avatars of yourself according to your own perception and then let a friend create your avatars. After getting both avatars, you can combine them both in a short video and see how others see you. 

What is is a Japanese website that allows you to create your cartoon avatars by using the various templates created by other avatar creators. You can also customize that avatar as per your liking. 

How can I do the Picrew trend?

You can do Picrew trend by simply creating your avatar. You can use any template already available on the website or customize it to change any aspect or feature of your face. After that, you can add your avatar to a TikTok video and add it with the hashtag #Picrew to allow others to view it. 

Is Picrew Copyrighted?

Yes, copyrights of the images and characters of Picrew belong to its creator.  

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