Facts You Must Know About Crazy Coin App Review – 2023 Updated


The internet is blooming with the news about an exclusive gaming app, Crazy Coin App. It is not only providing entertainment but unlocking opportunities to earn large amounts of money. But is this really true or just rumors? We are here with our Crazy Coin app review, revealing many of the important and well-known facts about the app to help you make an informed decision to go for this app or not. 

Facts You Must Know About Crazy Coin App Review - 2023 Updated

What is Crazy Coin App?

Crazy Coin App is one of the newly launched games that not only offers cash rewards but also an unlimited bundle of fun and entertainment. This game enables years to engage in playing it and have an opportunity to earn also.

As we have seen, many games work as an addiction for their players, but this game has reached the next level of addiction. This game not only compels his players to win, but winning big rewards means more cash rewards.

But the question is, does this game really provide cash awards? Or this is not a  fake promise to attract users to try this game?


Here are some pros gathered by the deep observation of its online reviews from direct players.

  • Easy-to-play game
  • Addictive game
  • High- Quality Graphics
  • Less Withdrawal Limit


Here are some of the cos we found while researching this app.

  • Lots of ads interrupt while playing.
  • Consumes high battery 
  • Unknown network problems

Account Creation on the Crazy Coin App

First of all, you need to sign up on this platform to start your journey. Here are some simple steps you are required to follow.

  • Start by entering your email. You’ll get a code.
  • Put in your phone number. Use your country’s code.
  • Type your first name, last name, and a username. Make a password. Type it twice to make sure it’s right.
  • If a friend told you about this, enter their special code to unlock rewards.
  • Check the box to say you agree with the rules. Then, tap “Sign Up.”
  • Always use real and easy-to-remember details. And that’s how you join Crazy Coin App.”

Log In Procedure to the Crazy Coin App

Logging into your Crazy Coin account after the account creation is not a difficult task. The user-friendly interface of this app makes it a seamless process to log in. Just Input your phone number and password on the login page of the app. 

Facts You Must Know About Crazy Coin App Review - 2023 Updated

Ensure you agree to any terms and conditions presented, and then after clicking on the sign option, you are good to go to log in to your account.

Playing Guide For New Users

All of the new users who are thinking of using this app or want to know how the game works can read this playing guide to get quick insights about the game.

Playing Method for the Coin Game

Dropping Coins: Release coins onto the board and wait for the pusher to move them. If you’re out of coins, watch ads to earn more.

Using Power-Ups

  • Wall Power-Up: Raises walls on the sides, ensuring coins don’t fall off and go to waste.
  • Shake Function: Vibrates the board, releasing a massive coin, resulting in a rapid fall of other coins. Pair with the Wall power-up to maximize gains and activate the slot machine multiple times.

Special Slot Feature: Drop coins into the bucket to spin the slot machine. This can earn you a range of rewards:

  • Green and gold coins.
  • Various fruits. Collect all 36 fruits to claim a significant prize. While some fruits are abundant and easy to collect, others are rare. The game indicates the rarity percentages, and you might amass numerous common fruits before spotting a rare one.

The Store Area

  • Purchase new backgrounds and coin designs.
  • Redeem coins for tangible prizes or Amazon gift vouchers.

Highlighted Game Features:

  • Bubble Arena: Win cash prizes. Make sure to check active promo codes.
  • Blackout Bingo: Explore the complete list of promo codes for free money.
  • Solitaire Cash: Use promo codes to get bonus cash.

Cash Withdrawal Method of the Crazy Coin App

Launch the “Crazy Coin App”. Once your balance hits $200, you’re eligible to initiate the withdrawal process.

Crazy Coin Withdrawal Guidelines: Ensure you have access to payment methods like PayPal, WorldPay, Alipay, PayPay, TrueMoney, Cashfree, LINE Pay, or Amazon Pay. Your ability to withdraw from Crazy Coin depends on these methods being operational in your country.

Please note that there are countries, such as Nigeria, where some of these withdrawal methods aren’t functional. If you reside in or have recently moved to such a country, this app may not be suitable for you.

Don’t forget to check their official website to see the latest updates about the cash withdrawal methods of this app.

Online Crazy Coin App Reviews

People are unsure if the Crazy Coin App really gives money. They might give a little to some lucky players to look real. But don’t think you’ll get money or an iPhone from this game. We saw a lot of bad reviews online. I wasn’t surprised because I’ve seen this with other apps and games. They don’t like to pay.

What does Crazy Coin App say? They say players get money when they reach a certain amount. But many people say when they’re close to that amount, the app stops giving rewards. So, they can’t get any money.

In the Crazy Coin game, when you’re about to get money, the game stops you. That’s how it works. However, all this information is extracted from the online audience who have provided their feedback about the app.

It is not confirmed whether this app is a scam or legit. But all the validated resources and all the things that we know about this app show this app a doubtful or not a fully secure platform to invest your money in.

 Final Thoughts

In this Crazy Coin App Review, we have covered all the necessary information with the facts you must know about this app. All the facts show that this app is not a safe platform to rely on as it has promised so many unreal things like high amounts of rewards without any investment that doesn’t make sense. 

So it is my humble request to use this app on your own guarantee as I’m not in favor of using such apps, which become popular merely on the basis of their promotions, not in the aspect of quality.

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