Euphoria Season 2: What Zendaya Says About The Show In An Interview

Many tv shows, movies, and games have been delayed due to coronavirus pandemic. Euphoria is one of the famous tv shows and got an appraisal from all around the world.  The story is all about drug addiction, abusive relationships, and abortion access. The first season has ended, and everyone waits for the Euphoria Season 2.  Let’s talk about all the details of Euphoria Season 2.

Before that, the show was set to schedule in 2020, but due to the bad coronavirus pandemic situation, production disturbed.

Zendaya came with her first Emmy look at Euphoria and said, All the artists are eager to return back to work. However, everyone waits to end this pandemic situation.

Moreover, she said in her interview, ” all are curious about how to make an upcoming season 2. we proud of our workers and staff. we get the best out of it until it is safe.”

 the lead actress Zendaya said, “there could be a special pull episode to tease the audience.”

Besides, she said, maybe the special episode revealed for the fans, An episode with less amount of people with a safe environment. It is because we are also missing Euphoria and want to give everyone who loves the show.

Release Date of Euphoria Season 2

Yes! Everyone’s eyes were on HBO about the release date of season 2. that is one of the best teen drama of 2020. But it is released that the Euphoria next season will come back in 2021.

The exact date does not tell yet; however, according to Zendaya, maybe it’s march. Production was paused due to safety issues, and a twitter post was done at that time.

We’re pausing production, for now, to make sure everyone on our cast and crew stays safe.
Don’t worry.
                  we’ll be back stronger than ever before💜

            — euphoria (@euphoriaHBO) March 16, 2020


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