Essential Stationery for Everyday Business Needs 

Most large offices have a cupboard where they keep their stationery, and the employees can quickly get anything they need. This is something that most small offices and home-based offices don’t have.  

While most offices now are trying to operate paperlessly, stationery supplies are still essential to every employee to keep them productive and comfortable.  

Stationery is vital for your business’ daily operation. Items like paper, pencils, pens, calculators, and other office equipment like printers, should be available for the employees at all times. 

If you are unsure about your employees’ needs to help them work efficiently, don’t think twice to ask them. You need to know what would make their job easier or if they need anything essential to their jobs. 

Below is a list of the must-have stationery items for daily business operation needs. 


Every office needs pens. It is one of the most important items that you should carry around if you are working in an office, especially if you are the owner, as you probably sign a lot of papers every day. 

You should always take a pen, and there is no excuse as you will surely need it. Be it a sales meeting, conference, or a presentation, you will need something to write down some important notes. 

Moreover, it is also essential to choose the right pen that suits you, and don’t settle for only one pen. You need to carry multiple pens with different inks that you can use depending on the situation. 

Writing papers 

A notepad is also an essential stationery item that your pocket should always have. It is useful anytime you quickly need to write important information such as email addresses, contact numbers, names, addresses, and other details. 

It is also essential to place a small notepad near the telephone. This will make it easier for everyone to gather the important notes they receive from the other line.  


Like the pen in your pocket, a notebook is also an essential item you write on. Notebooks are one of the best supplies where you can store information. Moreover, writing on a notebook looks more professional than tapping on your smartphone while trying to get important information from someone during a meeting. Furthermore, notebooks are lightweight and don’t take too much space. 


If you are reading a newspaper or work-related notes, you will need a marker to highlight some points that you need to remember. Moreover, you can use the marker to mark the important points on your books or notes. 

Organisers and envelopes 

If your business often mails checks, business cards, invitations, or flyers, you need to stock up on envelopes. Envelopes are also essential in storing important papers, and you need an organiser to store these envelopes. 

Paper clips and staplers 

Paper clips and staplers are the best tools to keep the papers together. You need to purchase tons of these as you need to staple all the paper works and receipts for the day.  

These are the necessary stationery supplies that you need for your office. Other stationery supplies are stamps, tapes, and glues, but these items can be purchased based on your needs. 

Going paperless doesn’t mean eliminating all the papers in your office. Moreover, it is almost impossible to operate a business without these essential stationery items.

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