Entrepreneur Chitresh Sharma : A Person With Diverse Talents


He is a young and talented entrepreneur from New Delhi. Being the freelancer, Chitreshsharma emerged as the youngest entrepreneur in the city to hold such a venture in his kitty.

When it comes to the client he has wide range of variety from middle class to big entrepreneur. He is a professional photographer, a blogger, and a social media influencer.

He completed his education in Mass Communication and Journalism, but his passion for a photography and fashion industry has to been hidden from anyone.

His passion has made him the active in this domain as a budding fashion photographer. His deep understanding of camera and the fashion industry attracts him to follow his dream.

He is not only the influencer but he is also blogger and he love sharing his views and ideas about what’s happening all over the world about the recent and important happening.

He keeps his audience updated and also connects them with his writings. His love for working in television and Bollywood can be felt on his blogs as well as where he drives the content from his domain.

Chitresh Sharma

He loves to write on the trending subjects as well, and when it comes to educate his viewers he also conduct free workshops in collaboration with the known personality from the industry and many different brands so to guide his viewer in the right direction.

Thanks to his expertise and experience that he has gained via his struggling period in his student life and thus emerged as a social media influencer.

He was agile to use his skills he has developed all this years working hard to found the place in freelancer market. With his professional approach and exceptional services. He is able to come out if the huddles of life whether it’s personal or professional.

He is able to climb the leader with is exceptional client servicing all across the globe as a freelancer. When it comes to serving them, he is precise enough to understand the requirements of his clients.

His never give up approach and way to look towards life make him different and keep motivating to improve and bring best out of him. During the lockdown, he not only keeps himself motivated and also helps his viewers and client to be motivated.

He was able to leverage his time and able add some more skills to his skill sets. He keeps on exploring various fields that give him the ideas that made all the differences in his professional and personal life. Which make him understand the life with different perspective and give new vision to his life and career.

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