Engagement Rings to Take Stage in 2022

Why not kick off the new year with an extra sparkle? An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery your special one will hold closest to the heart. Whether you’re fully in a shopping mode or just looking around, 2022 trends will blow you away. Shifts in popular designs, elongated shapes, alternative metals – the most exciting is yet to come. Prepare yourself to be stunned and learn more about the universal tokens of the proposal:

Many jewellery experts predict the unconventional styles to be the year’s hit. More and more couples update their custom engagement rings, putting a different spin on them. Among the top requests: a pave for a classic solitaire, a trio band with two adjacent coloured diamonds and stacking bands to complement the bridal set. The latter have quite shaken things up in the fashion world. Combining different materials and styles was a number one taboo in the past. Now, the ably chosen ensembles symbolise refined taste, luxury and elegance.

There’s been a growing interest in lab-created diamonds and gigantic gemstones in the 2 to the 3-carat range. Off-kilter settings with upturned rocks also made the list of the most sought-after products in 2021.

Engagement Rings

Regarding materials, many customers are going for a dreamy ring of mixed metals, like white and rose gold. Traditional yellow bands also made a comeback, points out Kathryn Money, the vice president of merchandising and retail at Brilliant Earth. Clients are searching not only for durable but also for meaningful and extravagant metals.

Another change? We’re observing a rise in men’s engagement rings production. Millennials and Generation Z don’t conform to the status quo. Exchanging the betrothal gifts is a new ritual to signify the strong bond between two equals. Not sure a male engagement band is your cup of tea? Take a peek at the latest stunning collection on GS Diamonds’ website. Trust us; you won’t regret it.

Jewellery designers anticipate the huge success of hidden halos and toi et moi rings. The first ones feature a circle of tiny diamonds adorning a band’s basket and giving more prominence to the otherwise understated accessories. Meanwhile, toi et moi ring rings flaunt two large stones. The more unique and bigger the gems are, the better. Even Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski fall for the charm of the doubled look.

Selecting rare-cut diamonds for accent stones has turned out to be an excellent way to modernise the run-of-the-mill mountings. Curvy hearts, pompous pears, intriguing marquises- all of these would make an outstanding adjoining to your brilliant. Celebrity engagement bands with original accents showed a steady rise in popularity in 2021, and the trend is likely to continue. After all, no one can deny the fashion sense of Hollywood stars.

Engagement Ring in finger

To sum it up, rings with chunky designs, stones of scarce shapes and magnificent colours – a plethora of top-notch products are on the market. Explore the assortment, pick out a stylish band and make your beloved pleasantly surprised. And remember the golden rule: jewellery is expendable, but your love is not. She’ll treasure any gift because it comes from you. The meaning embedded in an engagement ring, the sacred act of proposing – these will make her day.

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