Emily Bustamante Missing Two Front Teeth When the Rapper Punched Her!


Beautiful Emily Bustamante declares she lost her two frontal teeth after the rapper allegedly punched her seven times.

According to court documents attained byNorthJersey.com, the mama of two reported to law enforcement that the Connection songster punched her seven times before hanging to shoot her and family members.

The contended incident passed on March 7 after Fabolous reportedly came ‘enraged’ after learning on Instagram Emily would be in Los Angeles.

Not good Fabolous’ gal Emily Bustamante is explaining the rapper punched her in his recent alleged assault (Emily and Fabolous pictured in 2014)

She reportedly transferred Emily a hanging textbook in which he told her he hit her in the head with a baseball club and killed her. However, he ‘did not want to go out like that,’ according to an affidavit of potential reason.

He punched her in the face, ‘causing severe damage to her two frontal teeth.’ The alleged attack led her to lose her two frontal teeth, court documents report.

Emily Bustamante Missing Two Front Teeth When the Rapper Punched Her!

Following the contended hassle, Emily called her father and family to remove her handguns from their Englewood, NJ home, fearing they would use the arms against her.

She is said to have walked in on the operation and brazened Emily, her father, and her family. The handguns had reportedly been removed by also.

According to court documents, he also allegedly hovered Emily, her father, and her family that ‘he had a pellet for them’ when he was unfit to find the artillery.

The star reportedly turned himself into a police station in Englewood, New Jersey – where he lives with the former Love and hipsterism Hop star – on Wednesday night.

Emily B supposedly disabled her Instagram account on Friday. She was born to John David Jackson – arrived at the police station with his attorney. He wasn’t jugged but was cited for the contended incident and given a ticket for his court appearance. Fabolous was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly assaulting his longtime on-off gal Emily B. Ten years ago, the couple first got together well.

However, she hasn’t reflected on the incident, but in the early hours of Thursday morning, the Can’t Let You Go hitmaker posted a note to his Instagram stories.

‘2018 trying to break my heart,’ he wrote, along with a broken heart emoji.

The recording artist had five Top 6 compendiums in the 2000s and four songs that crossed over to the Top 10 of Billboard’s overall mate map.

He has vented further than four million clones of his compendiums, with both 2001’s Ghetto Fabolous and 2003’s Street Dreams dealing platinum.

Moreover, she hasn’t reflected on the incident, but in the early hours of Thursday morning, the Can’t Let You Go hitmaker posted this note to his Instagram stories.

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