Elden Ring Game Guide: Some Usual Mistakes That Players Often Make When Playing Elden Ring


Due to the release of Elden Ring, more and more new players are joining in the adventure of Elden Ring. If they have not played the former games developed by FromSoftware, they will make some usual mistakes while playing Elden Ring.

If players want to have a good experience in the game, they should know about how to avoid these mistakes in Elden Ring.

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Obeying the Normal Rules of Building Character Classes

Although new players need to select their character classes in the beginning of the game, it doesn’t mean that the setting of characters is unchangeable while playing. The original character classes are giving a direction for players to build in the early time. If players find any other good weapons or items, they can change the setting of characters classes casually.

Allocating Too Many Points to Faith Early

Faith and Intelligence control the two major branches of magic and decide different abilities players can use in battle. Intelligence control the power and usability of Sorceries, while Faith controls Incantations.

In the early stage of Elden Ring, Intelligence is more important than Faith, because it is difficult for players to find the proper Incantations. It is beneficial for players to invest in Intelligence rather than Faith.

Ignoring the importance of Dodge in Battle

When fighting against bosses in Elden Ring, most players are likely to use dodge more and more often. Players will finally come to death if they dodge in random directions in battle. So, players need to understand the movement of enemies in advance, which allows you to make the right decision of dodge on the ground.

Forgetting to Find The Map Fragments Quickly

When players first start the journey of Elden Ring, they will find that there is empty on the map. They have no idea about where to go in the world of Elden Ring. However, if players pay attention to the icons on the map, they will find more map fragments along the way. And they will have access to explore this large land of Elden Ring.

Feeling Upset After A DeathElden Ring Game guide

New players often feel upset when they are defeated by bosses in Elden Ring. Due to the mechanic and difficulty of bosses in Elden Ring, it is normal for players to experience the feeling of death. They need to remind their faults and try to fix them in the next battle instead of giving up this fantastic game.

Don’t Upgrade Your Weapons Often

Players are often try to increase their stats of characters in the game, while this can not make more damage to enemies. It is essential for players to upgrade weapons timely. Players should not ignore the importance of upgrading weapons in Elden Ring. The increase in damage will help you a lot when you defeat a large number of enemies.

Hoarding Much Runes in One Time

Runes are the important thing in Elden Ring. However, players should remember that you will lose all runes if you die in battle and you have only one chance to get them back. If you die again, you will lose runes forever.

So, players need to consume runes to upgrade characters when they accumulate enough runes in Elden Ring. And you will not regret losing runes during questing.

Healing Yourself Inappropriately

Healing is important for players to pull through difficult situations. However, players may make the wrong situation to use Healing skills during the fighting. It will make you maintain more attack from bosses in the inappropriate timing.

Players can learn guidance from these mistakes in order to have a good experience in Elden Ring. If you want to level up your characters quickly, you can Buy Elden Ring Runes to upgrade them as early as possible.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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