Duskwood Chapter 4: Here is the Latest features and Improvemnets!


The thriller game Duskwood has finally revealed, and fans are very happy after finding it. There are all the new speculations about the game. The rumors are saying the latest chapter four is full of exciting things. Fans will be able to play this game for hours with new features and improvements.

This indie’s game launched it with many hopes, and all the things are going well. Players really appreciated the game. All the previous chapters were a big hit for all, and fans were expecting the same for the fourth chapter. However, the developers make things more attractive, and the fans are so happy.

New Improvements

There are new improvements to the game. The area is pretty creepy and has a dense forest. The fourth chapter of the game contains a small local town inDuskwood where players can easily find the lost teenager. Well, the chapter promises more twists than the previous ones. The more you dive into the game, the more you become confused.

In the new game, it seems that Everbyte is no mood to spoil the party. Fans have a great time where they will explore new stories and gossips. The new online puzzles are introduced so fans will step out of the game and find teh clues on the internet.


the following are teh latest features of Diskwood
Make decisions or choices, Investigate a criminal case, Images, voicemails, Minigames, and videos included as well as make new friends.

Release Date

The fourth chapter of Deskwood has been released on 30th April 2020 and available For Android and iOS devices.

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