Disney Plus vs Netflix : Which One is Better to Cater your Entertainment needs

Everyone is stuck in this pandemic and enjoying it at home. To watch films, tv shows, the documentary, you need the best platform. Here we will discuss two platforms Disney Plus vs. Netflix; one is better to cater to your entertainment needs. Both are two major streaming platforms and bring popular and amazing content.

Popularity of Platform

One of the deciding factors among Disney plus and Netflix is popularity. It is quite tricky; Netflix is more popular globally. It is because it offers affordable rates and accessibility. Moreover, Netflix is the streaming platform that also has everything related to Disney.

So in terms of popularity, Netflix takes the lead with 150 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Disney plus has under 55 million subscribers and considers among the top five platforms.

Content Comparision

Well, in the content battle, Disney plus is at the top because every animation superpower under their belt is here. Why, in this criterion, Disney Plus comes at the top? It is because Disney Plus has lots of content of movies and tv shows and animated live-action series. Netflix also has amazing original content in which stranger things, the witcher, and many other popular included.

Subscription fees

Disney Plus has cheaper subscriptions, which are quite straightforward. It is just $7 per month and $70 per year and gets ad-free HD streaming. The price can vary according to every country.

On the other side, the Netflix subscription deal starts from $9 with a resolution of 576p. The second is available in $13 with two screen streaming, which offers resolution up to 1080p. The 4k Netflix resolution costs you $16 with four screening.

Botton Lines

Well, these are three factors, and on the base of these, you can select your best streaming platform. However, at his time, Netflix is popular all around the world and providing the best streaming.

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