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Knowing what types of blogs exist on the Internet will help you find the most effective form of communication to reach your customers and publicize your products or services organically.

You have probably visited some of the most popular types of blogs in the digital world. You’re even reading one right now. According to OptinMonster, 77% of Internet users read blogs, which positions them as an infallible communication channel in any content strategy.

A blog allows you to offer specific content that is consistent over time and, in turn, is valuable for your readers. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you what types of blogs exist and what their characteristics are. In addition, we will share with you a series of tips to write your first blog post in a satisfactory way.

Personal blog

This is one of the types of blogs that collect information about the creator’s lifestyle, and the contents you can find are related to their personal interests, daily activities, or opinions on a topic. Personal blogs usually have sections on a variety of topics, such as fashion, health, sports, etc.

The feeling you get when following these types of personal blogs is that you are reading the intimate diary of a friend, as they are very personalized. If you decide on this type of blog, we recommend you to start with the free platform Blogger, Tumblr, and similar networks to start a blog in less than fifteen minutes and start sharing your brilliance with the world.

Features of a personal blog

  • Personal blogs allow you to bring out your inner storyteller by basing your content on real-life experiences and perspectives. When you create first-person content, it can resemble an intimate journal entry where you share your thoughts without any monetization or business strategy in mind.
  • Another great feature of a personal blog is that you can talk about topics of particular interest or that you are passionate about, and not necessarily your personal life. For example, you can talk about travel, food, and fashion to be more relatable and familiar to your readers.
  • These types of blogs have endless opportunities for originality and creativity. All you need is your personal touch. As mentioned before, you can write about various topics or focus on your interests. As you design your blog, make it personal and make sure it really represents you.
  • Professional blog

This is one of the blogs created to promote a person’s professional brand and organically offer their services. It is a great way to showcase your knowledge and leverage your skills.

Characteristics of a professional blog

  • These types of blogs are a combination of a business blog and a personal blog. In fact, it’s usually a single person’s project that eventually takes the path of a business, meaning the owner uses it to make money from it, not just for personal stories.
  • For this type of blog, you must follow a business strategy, develop a plan, choose a specific niche, create an editorial schedule, partner with brands, analyze the market, regularly grow the blog, and find new marketing opportunities.
  • Professional blog types are focused on topics of interest to people in their chosen niche. Those who own this type of blog and became famous in a particular community are bloggers that most people refer to as influencers.
  • To make this type of blog unique, you should choose a domain name that includes your name to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Bloggers who fall into this category are freelancers with online portfolios who write about their work and use this opportunity to get hired by companies for various projects. One of the examples of professional bloggers is Inge Sáez Díaz de Sarralde, who offers consulting to get clients through LinkedIn and has built a brand around it.
  1. Educational blog

This is one of the most common types of blogs nowadays, also known as edublogs; it allows the educational community to keep updated. On the one hand, teachers share their educational practice, and on the other hand, students carry out their didactic activities.

Undoubtedly, it facilitates the distribution of knowledge and enables online learning processes. The most widely used platform for these types of educational blogs is Moodle.

Characteristics of an educational blog

  • They are written by experts and updated frequently. Reading educational types of blogs can be a great exercise for students and teachers to stay updated, consume more information quickly, and learn about new concepts.
  • This type of blog aims to apply innovation in education through valuable information. To do this, you can provide techniques or tools to improve the learning or teaching process and effectively use resources in the classroom.
  1. Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs are a marketing tactic that uses publications to gain more visibility online. They are composed of instructional articles with valuable information for the audience on a specific topic related to core business.

Features of a corporate blog

Believe it or not, posting on corporate blog types can attract high-quality traffic and generate new sales leads. These are the characteristics of a corporate or business blog:

  1. It positions you as a leader and expert 2.

In corporate blogs, what readers value most is that you offer them solutions. To do this, identify the main problem of your customers and write an article in your blog with practical proposals without referring to any particular product.

In short, providing your customers with quality content in different formats instead of advertising demonstrates your expertise in the subject and positions you as an authority in your industry. Solving difficulties through content links your brand with a positive experience.

  1. You can increase web traffic

Running a corporate blog increases organic traffic to your website without having to schedule paid campaigns, which will save you money. Every time you publish an article, you generate a new opportunity for someone to find your company’s website and discover you.

Remember that not only your potential customers will read your blog, but also the search engines. Google “reads” your blog to get information about your website and determine if it is relevant to users.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the more articles you publish for corporate blogs, the more pages will be indexed. Consequently, you will appear in the results every time people search for products or services in your industry.

  1. Generate more sales opportunities

As we mentioned before, publishing in corporate blogs increases the chances of increasing web traffic and, consequently, getting more conversions. You can even attract new customers months or years after publishing an article.

When a person finishes reading an article on a topic, he or she may want to learn more. For this reason, it is advisable to include calls to action (CTA) in which he gets an ebook or other free material that can be useful. In this way, this user becomes a sales opportunity and could one day be your customer.

  1. Affiliate Blog

These types of blogs on the Internet focus on evaluating products or services in a specific market. It can be a niche market (e.g., vegetarians) or a broader one (e.g., technology).

Basically, the owners of these types of blogs choose various products and review them with pros and cons, prices, and overall value. They also make recommendations through their experience in the field. claims that 65% of affiliates increase web traffic through blogging.

In fact, these “marketers” generate money through affiliate marketing and partnerships with various brands, allowing them to earn a commission as specified by the product creator.

Brands will pay you to review their products if your blog grows enough. Maintaining this type of blog requires a lot of work, patience, and time, so it can take years before you reach an audience that brings in sponsored advertising.

Characteristics of an affiliate blog

  • An affiliate blogger usually writes posts about specific product reviews. Some write many reviews on one website, while others create websites dedicated to promoting a particular affiliate product.
  • SEO is an important part of these digital blogs, as affiliate bloggers need their reviews to rank high in search results.
  • An affiliate blogger’s success is ensuring their product reviews are read by those who are likely to buy those items and building an extensive mailing list to promote product launches to certain subscribers.

Tips for writing your first blog post

If you are already on your way to creating your own personal or business blog, here are some tips to make it easier for you to publish your first article:

  1. Choose a theme and title options

For themed blog types, before sitting down to write you should choose the topic of your post. At first, it can be general; for example, if you are a travel blogger, you can talk about the best museums in the world. Then, write some tentative and specific titles that lay the groundwork before you start writing. For example, the types of museums that exist.

  1. Write an engaging introduction

If your introduction is not engaging for the reader, everything you have written below will have been in vain. To keep them reading, you can tell a story, a joke, a fact, or an interesting statistic.

  1. Structure the content

Too much information tends to overwhelm the reader, so it is advisable to organize the information into sections, lists or tips as appropriate. Whatever type of blog you choose, use a blog post idea generator and create a draft of your article, so you know what you want to say before you write.

Remember that all types of blogs on the Internet structure their posts before launching them into the digital world. This way, the reading will be more pleasant.

  1. Start writing

Fill in the spaces of your template with your draft’s help, so you don’t forget any information. Once your first article is ready, it’s time to add some additional details.

  1. Add a call to action (CTA)

Including a call to action (subscribe to your newsletter, download an ebook or register for a webinar, etc.) at the end of your article can bring great benefits. Those who read the post click on the CTA and, sooner or later, become customers – a key pillar in digital blogging types!

  1. Apply on-page SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that improves the visibility of a website in the results of different search engines. You can make your blog more attractive and position it among the first search options through different design and content actions.

To do this, before publishing your article in the chosen type of blog, take into account the following recommendations:

  • Do not be obsessed with the number of keywords; include only those that best address your audience without affecting the naturalness of the reading.
  • Set a short URL containing your keyword. Another advantage of choosing a type of blog is that each publication generates a URL and, thus, a new opportunity to position yourself in search results and attract users who do not know your company yet.
  • The same goes for the name of the blog itself. Try to make a short name that reflects the essence of the blog and can also serve as a keyword. For example, if you are writing a blog about how to write essays properly, your title could be something like essayswriter.
  • Write a meta description. This brief summary follows the title of the article in Google’s results, between 150 and 160 characters.
  • Make sure your article title is no longer than 65 characters and includes keywords for the audience you are naturally targeting.
  • Carefully select your anchor text: the word or words that link to another page on or off your website. Google takes this into account when ranking for certain keywords.

Now, you have everything you need to know what types of blogs are ideal for you, and start planning yours. Regardless of the type of blog or platform you choose, remember to create innovative content that will captivate your audience’s attention.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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