Different Types of Mead You Need To Know

Mead, also known as honey wine and the “nectar of gods,” is an alcoholic beverage with primary ingredients like honey and water and optional additions like spices, fruits, grains, and hops. With a long history, this drink has many different varieties, depending on the ingredients, alcohol by volume ratio, color, sweetness, esters, and the amount of honey used. The holiday season is a great time to explore the mead varieties, and if you are planning the same, then here are 11 types you can start with.

  1. Acerglyn

Acerglyn is not the sample you would give if someone asks you, “what is mead?” because it is not a traditional mead. This variety is made using maple syrup as opposed to honey. However, despite this difference, Acerglyn is considered a mead variety because the manufacturing process remains the same.

  1. Rhodomel

The word Rhodomel loosely translated to rose honey, and like its name, this beverage contains rose in it. Mead makers use rose petals, rose attar, or rose hips along with honey to make this drink. While other ingredients are added to this variety to bring out new flavors, the distinctive floral taste of roses is characteristic of Rhodomel.

  1. Sparkling Mead

Sparkling mead is a carbonated mead, not unlike sparkling wines. Before bottling this mead variety, a small amount of honey or sugar is placed into the mixture, creating an effervescent secondary fermentation that gives extra sweetness to the beverage.

  1. Sack Mead

The sack mead is also known as the dessert wine of meads with its ultra-sweet flavor. The density of honey in this drink is high, and so is the alcohol by volume ratio, ranging between 14% and 18%.

  1. Mulled mead

Mulled mead generally contains fragrant spices in it. They are most popular during the holiday seasons in the colder regions. The mead is usually warmed before being heated, adding more flavor.

  1. Dry Mead

As the name implies, this mead variety has a dry flavor and almost no sweetness from the honey because of the lower amount of honey in the beverage at 2.5 pounds of honey per gallon of mead.

  1. Hippocras

Hippocras is a spiced mead with the presence of cinnamon in it. The resultant mead is slightly heated and flavorful.

  1. Black Mead

The name black mead does not refer to the color but the use of blackcurrants in the drink. How much of the fruit is added to the beverage varies from one mead maker to another, but the resultant color remains in the spectrum of dark purple or reddish black.

  1. White Mead

As the name suggests, the white mead is white-colored due to the addition of egg whites and fruits and herbs.

  1. Pyment

Pyment is a group of mead varieties, all made of grapes, grape wine, and grape juice. A popular type of pyment mead is Omphacomel, which is made of unripe grape juice or verjuice. In this mead variety, the color and flavor depend on the other additives to the drink.

  1. Bochet

Bochet has a special sweet flavor, borne from caramelized or burnt honey added to the water. The process of burning or caramelizing creates a range of sweet flavors in the mead like toffee, marshmallow, and caramel.


Mead is a special drink, the history of which goes back in years. They are especially popular during the holiday season and make an appearance at Irish and Vikings-inspired weddings. If you are new to the flavorful world of mead, these 11 varieties serve as a great starting point for a delicious journey.

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