Designing a Church: A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics


Churches chomp up America. There are more than 320,000 churches in the United States alone. That’s more than 6,000 for every state.

If you have to start designing a church, you have to weigh several concepts. You have to make your church look different from the others while remaining useful.

What kinds of churches can you design? What features should be at your build site? What should go into your church?

Answer these questions and you can build an accessible yet intricate church in little time. Here is your quick guide.

Find the Right Type of Church

Church design ideas often fall into several types. Basilicas are large churches in the Catholic tradition. Cathedrals house bishops, but they range in size so you can use a small church design for one.

You can also build a small pilgrimage church near a holy site. If you have a building you want to use in mind, you can repurpose it for an accessible church design. You can get creative, but make sure the type befits the purpose of your church.

Pick a Site

You can find churches in a wide range of locations. For your church to be successful, you should find an accessible and popular site.

You should have plenty of space so you can have a parking lot and walkways around your church. You may want space for a garden or trees, especially if you have a convent on the grounds.

Designing a Church

Consider Functionality

Church architecture seems extravagant. But every detail on a church has its own purpose. A circular dome represents eternity and directs a person’s view toward the heavens.

But it also gives you an opportunity to have multiple floors in your church. You can put offices and sanctuaries on the upper floors.

Steeples can be hard to design, even if you are looking at church design exterior ideas. Contact a company like American Steeples who has designed many different church steeples.

Think About Accessories

Some congregations like minimalist churches with few accessories. Even if you are designing a minimalist church, you need to leave space for an altar, cross, and pews.

If you want a more elaborate church, you need to leave space for artworks and decorative windows. You need to work with local artists and architects in order to leave room for everything. Start making phone calls to them as you are designing your church as artworks take a long time to make.

Start Designing a Church the Right Way

Designing a church is trickier than meets the eye. Your church may fall into one of several types. You should adhere to the category’s conventions while making your church distinct.

Your site should have plenty of space and easy accessibility for many people. Each design element should have a purpose. It is okay to have features like high ceilings so you can build religious symbolism.

You should also bear accessories in mind. Keep in touch with local artists throughout the design process.

Designing is the first step toward creating a church. Read church management guides by following our coverage.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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