Demi Lovato’s Nude Photographs Leak Online After Snapchat Hack!


Demi Lovato is the famed celebrity to have her cheeky snaps leaked online. According to the news sources, someone allegedly hacked into her official Snapchat and revealed the singer’s private images on October 17, late Thursday night.

The hackers also teased the raw photos on her account and directed druggies to swipe up and join a private group on” Discord.” (Discord is a social networking app used primarily by gamers.)

The snaps have since been taken off her account. A speaker for Discord reported to us, “We have a zero-patience approach to illegal exercise on our platform and take instant action when we become mindful of it.

We rushed yesterday to lame the link and stop access to the garçon as soon as we came apprehensive of it.”

Cyberpunks posted the latest naked photos of Demi Lovato, 27, to the singer’s social media on Thursday. Moreover, she snapped these nude pics last year in Las Vegas.


According to the outlet, the group of cyberpunks who targeted the Tell Me You Love Me performer is the same that has declared credit for analogous works set at actress Chloe Grace Moretz. Furthermore, as well as a hacking of the Twitter runner of the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Lovato’s publicity squad had the naked snaps taken down, the outlet charted.

A friendly hacked snap of the Sorry Not Sorry singer came up online in March of 2017. However, Lovato brushed it off, quoting a naked pictorial without makeup she did for Vanity Fair in October 2015.

The contended hackers, known as the “Chuckling Squad,” have been connected to hacks on Jack Dorsey and Chloë Grace Moretz’s accounts.

Demi Lovato Secondary

No one deserves to have their privy photos leaked, and I don’t look out if you don’t like her. This geste is DISGUSTING, so do NOT Twitter and partake.

Thank you,” the authorized account for her New York followers twittered.

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