Dan Osborne Stating: He’s Back on Good Terms with Ex-Megan Tomlin


Dan Osborne has exposed his back on good terms with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin three times after ‘hanging to impale her.’ According to an interview with The Sun, the 27- years-older-TOWIE star revealed that he’s back to being a musketeer with the mama of his son Teddy. However, his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house turned him into a different person.’

Dan’s relationship with Megan ended in 2015 when audio recordings of the star were published where he hovered to ‘stick in a cutter in her.

Doing well, Dan Osborne has revealed he’s back on good terms with a girlfriend, Megan Tomlin, three times after ‘hanging to impale her.

Speaking about his partner, Dan had nothing but kind words to say about Megan, adding Teddy’s mum is great, and I get on well with her now, and I love that. That wasn’t me’.

Dan Osborne Stating: He's Back on Good Terms with Ex-Megan Tomlin

Concerning his geste in the recordings, he added that he was youthful and stupid. I wouldn’t say I like hearing anything about it. I’m getting embarrassed about it. ‘It was during the worst time of my life. I was depressed. It was horrible.’

Near The star, I added that he was a different person back and is now getting on well with the mama of his son Teddy.

In the curse-ridden videotapes first acquired by The Sun, Dan could be heard furiously hanging Megan if she was ever planning to have cheated on him.

It said I swear on this boy’s life. I’ll end your life if you shag another man. Noway in your life, are you going to be with another man? I can swear on my son’s life.’

Moreover, the fallout led Dan to be removed from The Only Way Is Essex. However, his relationship with Megan ended after it was revealed his now-woman, Jacqueline Jossa, was pregnant with his child.

Since Dan came third in Celebrity Big Brother, it seems he has conformed to woman Jacqueline after a series of straits, which included him being forced to deny an affair with Love Island star Gabby Allen.

Dan Osborne Stating: He's Back on Good Terms with Ex-Megan Tomlin

Jacqueline declared her love for hubby Dan in a sweet social media post after reuniting with the couple’s baby son Mia.

Therefore, she explains that it’s good to have this man back. My girls were so agitated to see daddy. He did so well. Ups and campo, horselaugh and gashes, I love you. Always.’

Dan’s candid converse came after he also revealed why housemate Rodrigo Alves was removed from the house, the cause of which had preliminarily been shrouded in the riddle.

Speaking to the Sun, Dan revealed that Rodrigo had ‘done commodity unhappy which left him feeling ‘uncomfortable, but he didn’t show any further details.

He said,’ There was an incident in the house. And it was just a commodity painful moment. Therefore, I didn’t appreciate it after all. I don’t want to talk about it.’

Speaking out, Dan also admitted that Rodrigo Alves was kicked off from the Celebrity Big Brother house, as he did commodity’ unhappy, which left him feeling ‘uncomfortable.’

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