“COVID-19 Is Causing Stress Cardiomyopathy and Broken Heart Syndrome” Reports Say!

The first Coronavirus case discovered in January in the United States.  The level of psychological, social, and economic anxiety level has been increased among American citizens. The increased stress level is affecting heart health.

According to the investigation published on July 9 in Jama Open Network, the cases of stress cardiomyopathy have increased, and it is known as “Broken heart Syndrome.”

Furtherly it leads to more heart conditions such as acute coronary syndrome, and it causes sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart.

COVID-19 causes multiple levels of stress all around the world because people are worried about their families. Clinical  Cardiologist Ankur Kalra said, “ All the people are facing economic and emotional issues, societal problems and potential loneliness n isolation.”

Moreover, he stated that this pandemic has physical effects in our body and heart, and therefore the cases are increased of stress cardiomyopathy.”

Moreover, the cases were observed during this pandemic at two different Cleveland clinic hospitals in March and April 2020. It is seen that the total cases of stress cardiomyopathy are 20 during the coronavirus pandemic and increased more. These people, along with Covid-19, spent a long time at hospitals.

The most alarming situation is that this stress cardiomyopathy has some heart attack symptoms.

However, physicians and researchers are not so sure about the exact causes of stress cardiomyopathy, which also called broken heart syndrome. They say it triggers a person’s reaction to physically and emotionally stressful events.

The body produces the stress hormones that reduce the ability of the heart to pump blood properly, So in this way, less contraction occurs, and irregularity happens in the body.

the report of the American Heart Association, “Women are suffering more than men from broken Heart Syndrome and is also linked with any stressful conditions like the death of loved one or a divorce.”

But When we talk about the treatment of this syndrome, a person can recover within days or weeks. It is treatable with heart medications that used to lower blood pressure so that stress could be managed.

Therefore in this pandemic condition, it is important to take care of your physical health and stress level so that you can save yourself from any mental illness.

So take care of your and the health of your loved ones in this COVID-19 pandemic.

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