Complying with Medicare Guidelines for Your Physical Therapy Practice!

Healthcare has undergone drastic change throughout the 21st century, and in 2021, there are a myriad of changes that have impacted the field. All throughout the past decade, there have been a multitude of novel technologies created throughout the industry, but one of the greatest changes has been the rise of the subfield of physical therapy. Physical therapy has become one of the most imperative changes to the healthcare field, and as the field has risen, one of the most difficult facets for practices has been the need to comply with Medicare’s stringent guidelines for funding. There are a multitude of Medicare physical therapy guidelines that your practice will need to adhere to if you want to sustain funding from the service, and learning how to navigate this system to effectively comply with their standards can be challenging. There are numerous challenging elements that you have to adhere to in order to comply with Medicare regulations, so it is critical that you understand exactly how this process works before getting started. Learning about the numerous elements of the Medicare guidelines will prove to be extremely beneficial to your practice.

Navigating Medicare Progress Notes

There are a variety of regulatory standards from Medicare that your practice needs to adhere to in order to get the best outcome and learning about this process will prove to be imperative to your success. The most essential element is filling out Medicare progress notes, which can be a difficult process if you do not know exactly what to do. However, if you understand what you are doing, then you will be able to have a greater outcome. The first step towards dealing with Medicare progress notes is ensuring that any services you provide to Medicare patients are deemed medically necessary. In order to be considered medically necessary, services have to either be actively improving a patient’s well being or maintaining their status to ensure that they do not get any worse. By proving that the services you are providing fall into either of these categories, you are on the path towards successfully filling out Medicare progress notes.

Logistical Elements of Medicare Progress Notes

Once you have determined that your Medicare patients’ services are medically necessary, you will then be able to delve into more logistical elements of progress notes. The first and perhaps most important facet is that you need to ensure you fill out new progress notes for every 10 visits that your patient has. If you do not do this, Medicare will cut off payments and will also charge your practice penalty fees. After this, you need to make sure that you note other elements proving progression, such as showing measurements of movement that help to display progress, changes in overall bodily goals, any plans to continue with treatment, dates included within the report, and finally the signature and credentials of the practitioner. By having all of these elements within your notes, you will be able to comply with all Medicare standards.

Final Thoughts

When working with Medicare patients, your physical therapy practice will need to ensure that it complies with all standards. Learning how to do this for your practice is not easy, but can be made simpler by understanding all that is involved.

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