Competitive Eater Raina Huang Scarfs Down 1512 Pocky Sticks


It’s very hard to stop at one Pocky stick, but most people stop before scarfing down 1512 of them. The 23 years old Raina Huang is an old competitive eater who lives in California. She did the sport of snacking and stuffed her face with impressive amounts of food over the past year.

Moreover, she recorded the sessions for her YouTube channel. In her latest video, she has a bowl filled with 1512 individual sticks of chocolate pocky and etas every last one in 50 minutes.
She is 1512 individual sticks in just a single sitting.

raina huang

Raina Huang brought both the chocolate and strawberry pocky sticks.

raina huang

After that, she challenged herself as she stuffed them into her mouth, several sticks at a time. Basically, Pocky is a Japanese snack made up of chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks and comes in different packs. She loaded up on boxed and made a video that she uploaded on her youtube channel on 29th August.

Raina was inspired by another influence name Matt Stonie who is a competitive eater. She had earlier posted his own video in which he stuffed his face with Pocky. Matt started with 1620 Pocky and ate about half before stopping.

But Raina ate 1512; she set out for herself. In the video, all the pocky sticks are in front of her in a bowl, and she takes a half-hour for the task of setting up. She selected the two flavors to give herself variety.

raina huang

There was a certain point when sticks started to melt, and she was struggling.

raina huang

raina huang

She says in the video, ” Oh my goodness, that is a lot of Pocky. This challenge seems fun at first until I realized the amount of chewing I needed.

raina huang

Nearly Done! Eventually, after 50bminutes. She starts stuffing in her mouth at a time and then chews outing more in her mouth before swallowing. The challenge seems fun but not at all. She helps herself by drinking water but still clearly a challenge. After 18 minutes, she groans and points out that the sun is coming out behind her. The heat was melting the pocky sticks in her bowl.

raina huang

raina huang

The task was more enjoyable and challenging when the chocolate and strawberry pocky biscuits melted. But she was still struggling, but she managed to eat with messy fists to eat.

Well, the last bites were painful for her, and she manages to polish off every last piece. She says after she finishes and I am in a sugar coma right now. Raina looked at her mouth in the camera when her mouth was covered with chocolate.

raina huang

It was not the first time that Raina has wowed the world with her ability to eat large amounts of food. She first rose to foodie fame in November 2017, and she completed the iN-N-Out 50 x50 challenge.

It was an incredible task that demands a person to eat a cheeseburger from the fast-food chain. There were 50 beef patties topped with cheese. Well, she has tried, tested, and completed other competitive eaters.

The challenge was seen as being one of the trickiest viral trials in the food industry. Riana Huang completed the challenge in just 40 minutes, eating herself a spot, and earned fame.

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