Companies That Are Reinventing Their Industries

Business requires a consistent dedication to change, research, and inspiration. An industry that won’t innovate is one that is doomed to fail at some point. Many businesses were once industry giants, only to go extinct as new and more innovative technologies took over the marketplace. Kodak, for one, created and revolutionized the entire concept of taking a photograph only to fall by the wayside as digital camera technology continued to grow in the consumer and professional markets.

Companies must reinvent themselves from time to time and in the process broaden the scope of what their industry can do. These are some of the most innovative names in business in today’s world, and watching what they do over the next few years will prove to be incredibly interesting. Continue reading to see how these brands in the call center and pharmaceutical spaces are making huge waves within their respective industrial sectors.

Bright Pattern is blowing up what it means to conduct calling operations.

Bright Pattern is an industry-leading call center software solution provider. The primary use case for the Bright Pattern suite of products is in cloud-based contact center management. With a system built in the cloud, call center representatives are offered the ability to become more flexible in their working space, approach each contact with a customer or lead, and be more agile with their call disposition coding. Making notes, taking calls while on the go or while working from home, and sharing data with other CSRs have all become possible and simple with the introduction of these novel elements of the calling center experience.


Call centers had been moving overseas at a greater pace for many years until just a decade ago. In the modern world, many consumers prefer to speak with an agent that is staffed in-house and lives in the same country that they do. For one thing, in-house representatives make for a more responsive call center operation. No brand could ever expect an outsourced calling manager to match the level of care, dedication, and knowledge about the products or services that one working within the umbrella of the company shows. With the introduction of Bright Pattern’s cloud-based offerings, bringing back call center jobs is more cost-effective and beneficial than ever before.

Roivant is changing the way medical research is conducted.

Roivant Sciences offers a brand-new look at the way pharmaceutical players (both within big pharma operations and smaller pharmaceutical companies) approach research and medicine rollouts. Roivant has been working for a number of years to take control of innovative medicines and therapeutics, drug trials, and the science behind treatments, vaccines, and medicines that were shelved by other pharmaceutical companies as a result of funding difficulties. Many brands within big pharma opt to discontinue research as a result of increasing costs. This is particularly virulent when the potential payout to the pharma owner remains meager.

In this world, drug trials offer a unique look into the science that goes into developing life-saving medication, cures for some of the most troubling illnesses in our world, and much more. By taking over these studies, Roivant is positioned to bring essential treatment options for conditions like diabetes to the market at industry-leading prices. This is a change for the betterment of society, to be sure.

These are just two names in the long march for progress within the world of industry. For many people, these brands offer great news for the consumer and investment worlds. With new technologies and approaches, business is becoming smarter and more capable of solving the vast network of problems that we all share as a community. Stay on the lookout for these and other great companies that are making a big splash in the business world.

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