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Christy Neal is a social media influencer and famous due to her husband Charles Lincoln Neal, an American Youtuber. The couple got married in 2000 In North Carolina, USA. They are spending a happy life along with their children.

Christy was born in the United States and raised here. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. The couple has three children named Lando James Neal, Lillian Grace Neal, Charles Lincoln Neal IV.

According to resources, she is earning $50,000; meanwhile, her husband Neal’s net worth is $25 million. Neal is active on social media, such as On Instagram, where she has massive fan followers.

Christy Neal real name Christy neal
Christy Neal Birthday Not Known
Christy Neal Age 35-40
Christy Neal gender Female
Christy Neal height Not known
Christy Neal Nationality American
Christy Neal Ethnicity Caucasian
Christy Neal profession YouTuber, writer, producer, actor
Christy Neal Husband/Spouse Charles Lincoln Neal
Christy Neal Net Worth $500,000
Christy Neal Instagram @christyneal



  1. Christy Neal is the wife of Charles Lincoln Neal; both are social media personalities.
  2. No one knows about her date of birth and birthplace.
  3. According to some reports, she has between 35-40 years.
  4. The estimated net worth of Christy is $500 thousand, and her hu8sband net worth is $25 million.
  5. She is active on social media such as Instagram.
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