Celebrity star vows to wear MAGA hat to SoulCycle in defiance of anti-Trump boycott


Erin Elmore is a political analyst who told Fox News host she thinks Hollywood stars angry with SoulCycle and Equinox are being intolerant. She is one of the Trump supporters, and former celebrity Apprentice promised to wear a MAGA hat during her next visit to SoulCycle of model Chrissy Teigen and other celebrities and boycott the fitness chain.

Tiegen is one of the celebrities who canceled their membership in response to Stephen Ross. The company owner was organizing a fundraiser for President Donald Trump in the Hamptons.

Ross, who owns The Miami Dolphins hosted the $250,000 per ticket fundraiser fr Trump’s election. Billy Eichner and Tiegen have tried to rally their social media supporters against SoulCycle.

However, Erin Elmore took exception to Tiegen’s boycott campaign and told me that the backlash against the gym is driving me crazy. She said, I go to SoulCycle every day and want to lose my mind. They preach to me every day, inclusion and inclusion and inclusion. There is a place for everybody, and someone raised money for Trump; they are like, That’s it, quit.

erin elmore

erin elmore

Christine and Billy canceled their membership with SoulCycle and Equinox.

erin elmore

erin elmore

Tiegen was angered by Ross’s support for Trump and told her Instagram followers they could come to work out at her house instead of going to Equinox and SoulCycle. The model mom said many very cool, socially aware, progressive, awesome, and amazing friends are members of these companies.

Moreover, I want to let you that their owner is hosting a giant trump fundraiser, so f*** them. Cancel your membership today, and you can come to my house and work out.
If you are found with that, go right ahead.”

Erin Elmore referred to Teigen as one of the great minds of our generation. She added an audible eye roll and vowing to wear a MAGA hat during the next trip to the gym.

Teigen went online and said, We should ban SoulCycle and boycott SoulCycle. Furthermore, Elmore said, “On the wall, it says inclusion for everybody. It means for Democrats. I am going and wearing my MAGA hat. I am warning everybody now.

Talk about getting beat up or doxxed. Host McHenry encouraged Elmore to follow through with the proposed pro-Trump gesture, “I am on the way to train station because beep beep it comes. I wore my MAGA hat to SoulCycle. Who’s coming with me?”

The host said, Do it; I would love to see everyone lose their minds. Hampton’s fundraiser sparked outrage in New York and West Hollywood, where residents staged a protest outside an Equinox gym. Many protestors have lined the route of Trump’s motorcade in the Hamptons.

erin elmore

erin elmore

There is an Instagram photo of Erin Elmore in December 2018 at SoulCycle gym in South Beach, Miami, Florida. She is an attorney who starred on season three of celebrity Apprentice with Trump in 2005. She became the brand ambassador for the pro-trump conservative non-profit known as Turning Point USA.
Teigen tweeted a screenshot of an automated response to Equinox members’ cancellation request that said the company has a high volume of emails.
The company’s CEO said in a statement the company believes in diversity, inclusion, and equality. We do not support the founder’s Trump fundraiser.
Whelan Said, Mr. Ross is a passive investor and not involved in the management of SoulCycle.

erin elmore

erin elmore

Protesters were lined in Hamptons street, and President Donald Motorcade drives a fundraiser to benefit his reelection campaign. The company announced that it was starting a community ride program.

It would allow instructors to get paid to supplement their cycling sessions with social justice courses on whatever cause is true in their hearts. The backlash against Trump grown in the aftermath in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, which resulted in the death of almost 31 people.

According to police, the ElPaso gunman admitted that targeting Latinos who he accused of invading the country, echoing a theme championed by Trump and supporters. Moreover, they also arrested 680 suspected undocumented immigrants from food processing plants.

Among these, some are children who were separated from their parents. According to CNN, just over 300 of the accused illegal migrants arrested have been released back into the United States.

erin elmore

erin elmore


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