CBD Oil Tincture In Sports And Fitness

The world of sports, whether professionally or recreationally, has become one where being the best version of yourself you can be is not just about going to the gym every day but more about what you put into your body.

Too often people think that doing 2 hours in the gym allows them to go home and order a pizza and everything will be ok, while for the rare few this may be true, the rest of us simply undo all of the hard work we just sweated for and have to start from scratch the next day. Not to mention the saturated fats in the food you are about to consume to make matters worse when really you should be feeding the muscles and body the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to repair and build new muscle tissue.

Setting it right.

So how can we be fit and active and get the nutrients and omega vitamins we need if taking handfuls of capsules daily is not on the menu for you? How can we get our body working harmoniously internally as well as externally and do so with products that aren’t filled with chemicals that have unpronounceable names?

Well, firstly we need to decide to make a change and secondly be committed to following through with it to reap the benefits of the lifestyle change you are about to embark on.

Then we need to do our research and homework into foods and food product ingredients that are grown naturally, organically, and without the use of harmful pesticides which end up giving negative long-term side effects.

The great thing is that such a product already exists and has been around for centuries, aiding people in their health issues and ailments and treating aching muscles and joints. Perfect for those top-tier sportspeople who push themselves to the limits but need an organic ingredient to keep the internal system and its functions working optimally.

We are talking about a humble plant known as CBD or Cannabidiol (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-1439/cannabidiol-cbd#:~:text=Cannabidiol%20is%20a%20chemical%20in,in%20the%20Cannabis%20sativa%20plant) for the more technical version. It is naturally grown in nature, but in more recent years is being farmed and cultivated to meet the supply and demand factor as people around the world become aware of its health benefits and properties.

This flower and its characteristics work hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies and thus helps regulate and maintain homeostasis.

Sports recovery and CBD.

The genetic makeup of CBD oil is highly concentrated in that because it initially begins as a tincture which is a solution made from soaking natural ingredients in an ethanol or vinegar solution – read more about it in this link – it is toxin and chemical-free.

Tinctures have been created, tweaked, and altered for thousands of years changing according to the needs to be treated, the environment, and the naturally grown ingredients, as well as the traditional remedies of ancestors dating back to as early as cave dwellers.

The healing properties of the CBD plant are still being discovered and the positives are added to the list daily. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of implementing CBD into your fitness regime and how it can aid your recovery and let you get back to the gym in a shorter turnaround time.

  • Inflammation. When the pulses sent to and from the brain are maintained and regulated the build-up around the joints and muscles is significantly reduced and in most cases eliminated, thus the pain that goes with this build-up is taken away. No more sore and swollen knees to contend with in the mornings as you struggle to walk till the joints loosen.
  • Stress. The pressure of being at the top level in your sporting discipline can be highly stressful and can sometimes lead to anxiety and panic attacks as the need to constantly achieve results becomes overwhelming. CBD helps manage the way a high-pressure situation is perceived and regulates your mood to remain calm and focused and assess the issue so you are more level-headed.

A quality product helps when trying to achieve and enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol and is one of the main contributing factors when opting to use CBD, thus your homework into a reputable supplier will be key when shopping for products.

To get you started, check out the cheefbotanicals CBD oil range to browse what is on the market and to see the variety of products that are suited for all ages and demographics. We are all unique in our needs, and CBD has something for everyone.

  • Mental. The neuro system in the body becomes well maintained with the implementation of CBD oil and thus your mental state is more stable, your mood is improved, and you have a renewed sense of energy to tackle the tasks of the day.

A final word.

The high demand for sport on the physical body is evident by the chemically filled supplements that many athletes take to keep their peak performance abilities, but the side effects can cause adverse effects that we ideally rather not have. Choosing an organic supplement such as CBD capsules or oil to add to your gym shake is a much healthier and safer option.

The variety of options and methods for taking CBD is what makes it so sought after, it easily fits into any lifestyle, and the vast product range means it fits into your gym bag as well as your handbag, win-win.

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