Candace Owens Wedding With Trump Winery, Inside Pictures Are Shared


Conservative commentator Candace Owens shared a series of stunning photos of Trump Winery’s wedding to Oxford graduate George Farmer.

She is 30 years old and is a political activist and a famous supporter of the president. The couple was engaged over a Facetime call After two and half weeks of dating in December 2018.

Candace Owens Wedding with Trump Winery was held over Labor Day weekend at the winery by the first family near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Their wedding was attended by Jon Voight, radio host Larry Elder, the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, and Charlie Kirk.

The happy couple shared pictures of their special day. They rented an apartment in Mount Vernon, Washington.

He thanked Eric Trump for the incredible venue and sunset and started married life with a cake topped with a Make America Great Again hat.

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

Candace Owens was seen in a traditional lace, floor-length white gown with sleeves. Candace’s hair was tied back in a loose half-up and half-down style; she wore a long veil. She also wrote “To the ladies asking- I wore @moniquelhuillierbride for all three of my dresses.”

candace owens wedding


candace owens wedding

The couple tied the knot at the end of August over Labor Day weekend at the winery owned by Charlottesville’s first family.

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

Owens and Farmer shared the images from the special day on social media pages, and their marriage was conducted outdoors. However, the evening party was held indoors. Guests shared reviews about the bride’s dress and personality.

Besides, The bride said, “ I went with long sleeves down the aisle and for the reception, because I think modesty is always en Vogue Princess Grace of Monaco is the most elegant bride of all time.”

Moreover, she also explained that a beautiful bride is a kind bride; I have seen many women who treat their vendors, make-up artists, and parents very badly on their wedding days.

For George and me, the most important thing was to make sure every person who played a role in our wedding came from vendors to the guests. We are grateful, blessed, and excited to have the part of our wedding.

Our policy was kindness and love throughout the wedding. We will thank many people but first and foremost our wedding planner @justalittleditty Dickie Morris, and we love you so much.

The most wonderful person in the world and now to onwards our planner for everything. Her new husband kept things traditional and wore a morning suit with tails.

Who is George Farmer?

George is Michael Farmer’s son, a London financier, and had donated more than £2.6million to the British Conservative party. Michael was dubbed Mr copper and made £100 million from metals trading.

George has two siblings and became active in Oxford’s political scene after going up to St Peter’s College to read theology in 2008. George was the social secretary of the Oxford University Conservative Association in the first year. Moreover, he also attended the elite fee-paying St Paul’s School for boys in London.

According to reports, his dad funded his son’s membership of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford University in 2012.

The members of the club were accused of going on the rampage at a smart hotel. His dad bailed out Oxford’s conservative association when a racism row led to his being kicked out of the university.

There was no suggestion, and he became an investment banker with Jefferies & Co and was involved in the hotel incident or the race row. Both share the series of loved images from the special day to their social media.

George Farmer wrote, “ My wife looks more beautify, and she takes the crown for the most beautiful woman in the world.”

After that, he said the venue and sunset were incredible and thank you @EricTrump and @trumpwinery for letting us use your beautiful venue.”

Bridesmaids wore the MAGA hats, and they enjoyed the evening celebrations under fairy lights. She was slammed for using the laughing emoji in a tweet about the New Zealand mosque massacre after being named in the terrorist’s manifesto.

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

Owens said, “ it was like I would know him my whole life. We shared the same views, and we had the same sense of humor.

When he went back to London and still had not kissed, but I was like, I‘m pretty sure my husband just left.”

She told Congress that white nationalism and white supremacy are not a problem in America. After the Parkland school shooting, she joined the National Rifle Association and said, “ no member of the NRA has ever committed mass murder.”

Furthermore, Democrat Owens became a Republican after Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault because the Democrats had spiraled into lunacy.

Moreover, she lashed out at Meghan Markle, calling her a witch. It happened when the Duchess of Sussex spoke out about the difficulties she has faced over the past year as a royal.

Also, she said Harry is under her spell. Her husband’s father is a British conservative peer, Lord Michael Farmer. He is equally controversial and was a candidate for the Brexit Party in Britain.

He did not get a seat in the European Parliamentary elections. His metal trader father funded his son’s membership in the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford University in 2012. In an interview, the couple called Trump a genius.

candace owens wedding

candace owens wedding

Owens told the magazine the black lives matter movement is based on a lie. MeToo cheapens the suffering of real rape victims, and a lot of women who have not had children by the age of 40 seem to for crazy.

West said, “ I love the way Candace Owens thinks, but he has distanced himself from him. Moreover, Owens said, It was like I would know him my whole life. We shared views we had the same sense of humor. He went back to London, but I was like, I am pretty sure my husband just left.

candace owens weddingWho is Owens Candace?

Owens caught the attention last April when Kanye West tweeted his support to her. Owens was the communications director at Turning Points USA organization.

She became famous and making controversial claims about race relations in the United States through an alliance with Kanye West.

She included former President Barack Obama and blamed them for disintegrating race relations in America.

Kanye is one of the bravest men in the country. She is an active Republican and regularly attends parties along with Donald Trump.

Moreover, Owens appeared on Fox and Friends, where she shared her extreme beliefs. Black Americans are being held down by the democratic party.

She runs a YouTube channel and shows where she interviews guests and discusses national issues. She labels it as a group of whiny toddlers and dislikes Black Lives Matter.

Owns gave a sympathetic ear and discussed the # MeToo Movement, and Barr labeled some of the women who have come forward to say they have been the victims of sexual harassment and assault in work as hoes.Candace Owens Wedding (1)

Trump Winery Wedding Controversy

The decision to host the wedding at the Trump Winery sparked controversy. Some criticized Owens for supporting Donald Trump, while others praised her for exercising her right to choose her wedding venue. Despite the controversy, the wedding was a beautiful and unforgettable event for Owens and Farmer.

 Couples Turned Parents In 2021

After her marriage, Owens started officially using the name The Hon. Mrs. George Farmer. Owens and Farmer had their first child, a son, on January 13, 2021. Owens expressed how having a child changed her life and shared a heartwarming picture of the newborn on Instagram. 

A year later, in July 2022, Owens and Farmer welcomed their second child, a daughter named Louise Marie Farmer. The couple is expecting their third child, and Owens will post a photo on Instagram in July 2023 to share the happy news. In the caption, she expressed her gratitude for their growing family and said they look forward to welcoming their third child in November of that year.

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