Cancun Hotels On The Beach


Cancun Hotels On The Beach


Tourists travel to this city for the nightlife and party scene, unwind in some of the most beautiful beaches, or discover old Mayan ruins. Nearly every place you go offers a chance to capture the unique beauty, color, culture, and rich historical significance. It is the capital city, and Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea.


For those who like to be surrounded by nature, Cancun’s Hotel Zone offers a variety of activities and attractions. It’s home to several upscale boutiques and resorts, and marinas. For adventure seekers, you can also enjoy a trip to Isla Mujeres. For those looking for a romantic getaway, this island has it all. There are many Cancun hotels on the beach, so that you can choose a place with the perfect combination of luxury and affordability.


It’s known best as a town that is a party destination with fantastic beaches and a perfect sun-filled climate. It’s also growing in popularity in the past decade with tourists from across the globe.

What is the best place to stay in Cancun Beach?

Park Royal Beach Cancun, noting that it’s only 20 minutes away from Cancun International Airport, in the middle of the hotel area (in the vicinity of La Isla Shopping Center). It is also directly connected through its hotel facilities into the archeological site Yamil Lu’um (observation point of the ancient Mayans).

The resort is home to comfortable and spacious rooms. There are also four restaurants (two snack bars and four bars) and a Kids’ Club that will provide enjoyment for children and an area (or one that is a swimming pool) for adults, bar service, as well as the main pool—and area for children with games for the water as well as a gym and spa.

Attractions close to the Hotel:


 * Playa del Carmen

 * Tulum

 * Isla Mujeres

 * Xcaret

 * Chichen Itza

 * Laguna Nichupte

 * Museo Subacuatico

 * La Isla Shopping Mall

You’ll be looking to capture some stunning photos while you’re here, so we’ve selected the top seven Cancun Instagram locations that you can enjoy…



This unique spot is a theme park in part self-described ecotourism and simply an excellent location to capture amazing photos.


Garrafon Park

The ideal location for an action-packed Cancun is the perfect location for your Instagram photo. You’ll have to bring a friend to this spot to capture the perfect shot, but you’ll be able to create the perfect holiday snap with the stunning water.


Isla Mujeres

The fishing village is situated on an island that is just 13km from the shores of Cancun and can provide the most relaxing afternoon drip.


Fred’s House

The ideal place to enjoy an enormous seafood buffet with a refreshing glass of white wine and a perfect sunset picture.


Musa Mexico

You will likely be able to dive to take this shot. However, it’s difficult to beat this deep-water shot.

Musa Museum of underwater Art is located in the area between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, with over 500 exhibits located beneath the waterline.


Isla Blanca

This gorgeous peninsula is an hour’s drive from Cancun. It is the ideal spot to get away from everything and relax and enjoy the sunset or even sunrise.


Coco’s Beach Club

As you consider Cancun, one of the things that pop into your mind is probably gorgeous beaches. So this is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for it.


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