Can You Hack an Online Casino?

Every gambler dreams of winning the life-changing jackpot, or winning every time they play. While the former is possible, you are highly unlikely to ever game the system. As online casinos are based on random number generators, cheating them is not an option. Yet, this does not mean you cannot improve your chances of legitimate winning.

Regulated websites compared on offer hundreds of games, welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards, and other attractive features. Hacking them is impossible, but it is actually good for the players! If you want to improve your chances at any of these casinos, read on.

welcome bonuses


 How Random Numbers Work

Virtual casinos do not have human dealers, and the outcome of every game is determined by the RNG engine. The system uses a special algorithm to generate a random number for every outcome. For example, when you hit the spin button on a slot machine, the RNG will generate a value between 0 and 4 billion, which is then converted into a set of numbers linked to specific symbols on the reels. There are no recurrent patterns.

The operator does not have an opportunity to tamper with the RNG. Regulated providers must have their engines checked by industry watchdogs, such as eCOGRA. Even if you found a way to manipulate the RNG (it seems that any technology is now hackable), this would make no sense anyway. The casino would quickly detect your attempt, and your account would be blocked. Any winnings would be reversed and you could also serve jail time.

Improve Your Odds of Winning

There are quite a few legit ways to tilt the odds in your favor. The strategy includes choosing specific games, sticking to betting limits, and using free bonuses to the fullest. Here are a few basic recommendations from casino pros:

1.   Choose High RTP Slots

This indicator shows the portion of your bet money that will be theoretically paid back in the long term. Slots with RTP over 96% are the most profitable. To improve the odds, you should also bet on all paylines. However, this may be costly depending on the game.

2.   Claim Bonuses

Make the most of your welcome package and learn about the loyalty rewards: reload bonuses, cashbacks, VIP gifts, and more. Every bonus comes with a wagering requirement — the number of times it must be wagered before withdrawal.

3.   Stick to Small Bets

The smaller the bits, the longer you can play, and the higher your chances of winning. Don’t go all in.

Stick to Small Bets

4.   Set up a Bankroll Strategy

Determine how much money you can afford to lose per day or week. This is your reasonable betting budget. Never exceed your bankroll.

5.   Low House Edge Games

The house edge is the inherent advantage of the casino. Did you know that online blackjack offers the lowest casino edge — merely 0.5%? European roulette offers 2.7%, which is also fairly decent.

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