Can I Grow CBD Plants in My Garden?


A garden is a wonderful thing to cultivate and invest time and energy in, which is probably why so many folks took the opportunity of the COVID-19 lockdowns to start growing indoor plants. Some folks were luckier—they were able to grow plants in an outdoor garden or backyard. With plenty of sunlight, these people didn’t have to invest a lot of money in grow lights. They just made their vegetables, herbs, succulents, or flowers a part of their home’s landscape design.

While that may sound idyllic, it’s more than possible to grow an impressive garden of indoor plants as well. The added benefit here is that your succulents and flowers will do well in the winter, and you can control the humidity and light that your green babies receive as well.

One popular plant that many people are growing in their indoor garden projects is cannabis. Especially folks in areas like Denver, where CBD is both legal and ubiquitous, are finding that it’s more cost-efficient to put together a grow tent than it is to be a repeat customer at a dispensary. If you’re wondering whether (and how) you can DIY your way to growing cannabis plants, look no further. Here’s the info you’ve been looking for.

If you’re growing indoors you’ll need a grow tent, but that’s not all

If you're growing indoors you'll need a grow tent, but that's not all.

The first step to growing your own weed is to put together your own DIY grow tent, which is way easier than you’re imagining. A DIY grow tent should be made of a durable material (like mylar) and should have space for LED grow lights. Beyond that, make sure that you either have a sprinkler system or that you’re setting up the grow tent in a grow room that includes a sink. Also, when you’re installing the PVC pipes and mylar, it’s a good idea to add a velcro feature for ventilation. One thing about manure and mulch is that they get smelly very quickly, and ignoring ventilation is a great way for growers to make their own homes inhabitable. All the materials for your own DIY grow tent can be easily sourced at a local hardware store. Once you’ve perfected your setup, take some time to watch tutorials about caring for cannabis plants and seedlings. Small adjustments to humidity and LED lights can mean better, more potent cannabis plants—or not.

If you’re growing your own weed outdoors, maybe skip the front yard

If you're growing your own weed outdoors, maybe skip the front yard.

If you’re one of the lucky few with an outdoor space that’s just waiting to be turned into a gorgeous oasis, you may want to set up your cannabis plants in the front yard where you can be proud of them. While that’s certainly your own prerogative, Denver landscapers will probably recommend otherwise. You may not want to call too much attention to your Denver area home, so adding something showy like cannabis plants or a water feature could be risky. Landscape architects will be able to help you pick out the right shrubs and flowers for your front yard and the right water features for your backyard. Plus, landscape contractors will be able to help you shape your entire outdoor living space, if you want to include things like a patio or pots of herbs, and they’ll be able to consult with you on how to keep pests away from any cannabis plants you do end up growing outside. While the fresh air is great for plant growth, pests are definitely not great, so having the advice of professionals with years of experience can certainly come in handy for any major growing or landscape projects. Plus, any landscape services offer a free estimate, so checking on pricing really comes at no financial risk to you.

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