“Call Of Duty” Very Successful Compared To Other Similar Games: Why?


Call of Duty is gaining more fame among people nowadays. Gamers are attracted more to such entertaining games. So good graphics, proper advertisement, and more entertainment are enough to make a game one of the best. Here I will tell you how the fans of Call of Duty consider this game one of the best.

Powerful Background

First, its heritage is powerful and goes back a long way. Infinity Ward, the developers for the original Call of Duty games and the Modern Warfare games, was founded by the part of the development team for the Medal of Honor games.

It is a team that has been making popular first-person shooters since 1999. The Call of Duty brand has been around since 2003, with Modern Warfare 3 being the 7th game by Infinity Ward in the series. And it has steadily been picking up recognition and fans. It didn’t seem like a mainstream success until around Modern Warfare, which was the fourth game in the series to bear the name.


While more recently, Treyarch has also developed some Call of Duty games. They have yet to shake up or make the significant steps forward that Infinity Ward has. And they only became involved after the games started seeing their mainstream success.

Games Are Getting More Entertaining

It doesn’t matter all that much to the general public. However, and is more part of the cause of the fact that the games are entertaining. It seems a slightly weird point to bring up, but it is genuinely part of the reason for the unprecedented success of the franchise.


The game has active single-player and multiplayer elements and doesn’t require considerable skill to be enjoyable, making it approachable. Furthermore, there has yet to be a lousy Call of Duty game, not one that dropped the ball. Some have been more substantial improvements or refinements than others, with Modern Warfare being one of the biggest shake-ups to the series.

But there’s never been a game that would cause fans to turn to something else. Being a good game isn’t enough to get you the success that Call of Duty has seen, but it is necessary to maintain and build the momentum that the franchise has enjoyed.

A Large amount of Advertisement

But the issue of getting people to try them, to begin with, is still the same. But there are two points that have pushed them over the edge into massive mainstream success. First of all, the franchise is one of the flagship products of Activision, one of the largest game publishers around.

call of duty modern warfare

This means there have been large amounts of advertising for the games and advertising in areas where there is far less advertising for video games, allowing them to reach people who still need to be dedicated gamers and people who need to be up to date with the games industry.

In addition to that, it probably helps them at Christmas. Because even people who don’t play video games at all have heard of this franchise, however, it only grew when Call of Duty started to get very popular because people started to hear about how popular it was, which in turn made it more accessible – a snowball effect.

Appeal To Demographics

The second point is that this is a genre that appeals to a demographic that already buys a lot of video games, i.e., males 18-30. It is one of the largest demographics for video game sales, and the Call of Duty games do very well to appeal to it. Of course, there are players outside of this demographic who also enjoy the game, but the fact that it has an influential core audience will not hurt sales or its spread.

Final Words

I don’t think anyone of these aspects is enough for Call of Duty to have achieved what it has. There have certainly been plenty of games that fulfilled one of these and not enjoyed half as much attention. Moreover, some of it will also have been down to dumb luck. But the combination of these factors is likely a decent chunk of the cause of the success of the franchise.

Ameer Hamza
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