Call Girl Killer Alix Tichelman Involved over the death of Second Man


The 31 years old Alix Tichelman was locked up for three years after injecting a Google executive with a fatal dose of heroin. She has been indicted on murder charges over the death of a second man. Alix was sentenced to six years in jail in 2015.

Forrest Hayes was the second man who was a father of five and was found dead in California in 2013. Alix Tichelman had pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs to hum. She was released from jail after three years and had already served for one year.

alix tichelman

She has been involved in murder charges for the 2013 death of Dean Riopelle. Paul Howard, the attorney, said Tichelman doubled the call girl killer in the media and extradited from Canada to Fulton County, Georgia. Riopelle died at the age of 53 due to an overdose of the heroine in Georgia.

alix tichelman

alix tichelman

alix tichelman

Alix remained in prison for six years in 2015 due to the murder charges of Forrest Hayes. he owned a popular Atlanta music venue, the Masquerade.

According to the Autopsy report, Riopelle’s death occurred because of an accidental overdose of heroin, oxycodone, and alcohol. Tichelman was initially charged with Hayes’s death in California. Police took notice of the 2013 overdose death of Riopelle.

The death of Google executive, Forrest Hayes

Forrest Hayes was a Google Executive and a father of five. Alix Tichelman injected Hayes with heroin in November 2013. According to police, Tichelman was panicking and trying to revive Hayes.

Police said Hayes hired Tichelman many times for drug-fueled sex after meeting on the website seeking an arrangement that pairs sugar babies with rich older men and women. She exchanged texts and emails with Hayes, and he met with him few times.

Hayes had taken up a job at the top-secret Google X office when she died in Santa Cruz. According to authorities, Alix called Milton police and said Riopelle had overdosed on drugs and not responded. She was not charged and denied any connection to his death.

Cops re-investigated the death of Tichelman’s lover, Riopelle, because he died in an eerily similar fashion to Hayes. Alix Tichelman was brought into the home of her murderous threats. Forrest Hayes’ death was not the first time that Tichelman stepped over the wreckage of a life.

According to Brucker, she is the most conniving and two-faced person that I have ever met. She put an irreparable rift. Dean’s daughter said I could tell you got some serious trauma. Riopelle and Tichelman dated for two and half years and lived together.

Well, their relationship was happy, and they made sense at the beginning. Riopelle was the lead singer and known for its wild stage shows and sexually explicit lyrics. On the stage, he wore wigs, platform boots, and tight pants. Moreover, he was the owner of a music company that is a popular destination for rock, punk, and metal acts.
alix tichelman

Alix Tichelman claimed she and Riopelle would go to clubs and wore a collar and leash. She left the couple’s Atlanta home due to Tichelman’s behavior between May and August 2012. Tichelman has thick layers of makeup, her tattoos, and sexually provocative posturing.

Well, she saw how her boss, Riopelle appeared uncomfortable, distrustful, and fearful of his lover. She also said she thought she was the most beautiful girl on the planet and was jealous of other girls; she was very vain.

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